Dr. Dorothea Fleckner

Dr. Dorothea Fleckner

Dr. Dorothea Fleckner


T +49 40 18067 12195


Areas of practice

Dr Dorothea Fleckner advises on matters pertaining to individual and collective employment law. Her legal practice concentrates on judicial and extra-judicial dispute resolution, which also includes representing her clients before labour courts. Dorothea Fleckner further advises on social law and the law governing the integration of people with severe disabilities.


Dr Dorothea Fleckner studied law with an emphasis on employment law at the University of Kiel (Germany) from 2013 to 2018. After graduating from university, she wrote her doctoral thesis on an employment and social law topic. Dorothea Fleckner carried out her legal training in the District of the Regional Court of Lübeck (Germany). As part of her legal training, she worked in a law firm in Paris (France), with a focus on employment law. Dorothea Fleckner was admitted to the German Bar in 2023 and joined Luther the same year.