Compliance & Internal Investigations

These days, the decision-makers of your company are facing increasingly strict regulatory requirements and a heightened intensity when it comes to the prosecution and supervision by criminal investigation authorities, as well as the use of economic criminal law/law on regulatory offences as an instrument of economic guidance and policy.This means that, more than ever, acting as an entrepreneur requires careful consideration of the risks under criminal law and the law on regulatory offences, not least because an actual offence may lead to criminal liability and personal liability of the decision-makers, high fines, claims for damages and loss of image. 

Risk management should therefore be of paramount importance to companies. And that's where we come in: We are advising our clients on how to prevent offences and assisting them in setting up specific processes relating to internal organisation, business procedures and decision-making in order to mitigate the risk of sanctions before an actual offence is committed. But we are also at your side in crisis situations, in internal fact-finding and in the investigation of suspicious cases.

We have the technical expertise to identify and analyse your company's specific risks at an early stage, promptly initiate the design of appropriate countermeasures, hold company-wide training sessions and implement control mechanisms. Together with our clients, we thus pursue the goal of avoiding criminal proceedings and administrative fines or at least limiting them as far as possible.

As a global full-service law firm, our Compliance & Internal Investigations team cooperates closely with colleagues from the fields of white-collar crime, antitrust law, criminal tax law, employment law, foreign trade law, data protection, corporate and public procurement law. We are also well versed in dealing with regulatory, antitrust and law enforcement authorities. No matter if you wish to avoid offences or an offence has already occurred - we will implement solutions together with you that are tailored to your company.

Our range of advisory services
  • Internal investigations concerning non-compliance
  • Detection of internal violations of law
  • Audit procedures
  • Preparation of criminal proceedings due to internal violations
  • Preparation of leniency applications/ cooperation with law enforcement authorities
  • Compliance consulting
  • Establishment and review of compliance systems
  • Drafting compliance rules and regulations
  • Compliance training
  • Business partner training
  • Compliance and M&A
  • Ombudsman (according to mandate model) and establishment of whistleblowing systems

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Key Contact

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