Public Procurement Law

Our team can advise you on all issues that arise at a national and international level in connection with public procurement law. Whether you are a contracting authority or a bidder – we are an experienced partner when it comes to supporting you in a public procurement process so as to obtain the best possible result. We use our extensive legal and economic expertise creatively in our work – including at the interfaces between public procurement law and budget, European and public business law – with a view to optimally implementing your public procurement strategy.

You can rely on our many years of experience and our in-depth knowledge when preparing and carrying out the award of public contracts: we structure the entire public procurement process, draft the tendering documents, assist you with the evaluation of the bids, and conduct the contract negotiations. If you are a company, we have the necessary expertise to provide you throughout the public procurement process with top-quality legal and strategic advice.

We keep an eye on funding projects already at the political planning stage. As a result of this awareness in combination with our excellent industry knowledge, notably in the areas of Energy, Health Care & Life Science, Information Tech & Telecommunication, Mobility & Logistics, and Real Estate & Infrastructure, we know at an early stage about any subsidies that could be of interest to our clients. We monitor the development of funding programmes and subsequently advise you on how to best use the funds for your business activities.

We work out precise answers to your questions in all areas of public procurement law. As a full-service law firm, we can draw on the professional knowledge of our colleagues from other fields of law and, therefore, always come up with the best possible solutions to your problems.

Our range of advisory services

Advice to the public sector
  • Structuring the public procurement process
    • Clarifying issues in advance, e.g. whether an obligation exists to organise an invitation to tender/choice of the procurement process
    • Preparing flow charts
    • Drafting tendering documents
  • Advising on how to award contracts electronically
  • Drafting procedure letters
    • Developing evaluation models
    • Drafting industry-specific contracts 
  • Providing on-going advice during public procurement processes
    • Handling bidder queries and complaints
    • Coordinating the entire public procurement process in the relevant panels
  • Evaluating bids
    • Assisting with the evaluation of bids
    • Making proposals for the award of contracts 
  • Assisting with the final negotiations/the conclusion of the contract
    • Conducting contract negotiations
    • Documenting the public procurement process
Restructuring of public sector companies
  • Advising on in-house and in-state transactions that do not require a public procurement process
  • Developing models that do not give rise to (new) obligations under public procurement law for the provision of the required services in municipal corporations
Advice to companies in connection with public procurement processes
  • Providing legal and strategic support throughout the public procurement process
  • Reviewing the contract award conditions
  • Drafting bidder queries and letters of complaint
  • Assisting with the contract negotiations
  • Advising on how to prepare bids with a special focus on the criteria defined by the contracting authority
Legal protection

Representing contracting authorities or bidders

  • before the European Court of Justice
  • before the ordinary courts of law or administrative courts
  • in subsequent review proceedings before the competent public procurement chamber and the competent higher regional court
Advice in relation to funding projects
  • Advising beneficiaries
    • preventively on how to comply with the requirements stipulated in the subsidy approval notice
    • in the event of an imminent revocation of subsidies granted
  • Carrying out public procurement reviews (e.g. on behalf of state banks)
Advice in relation to the award of licences
  • Providing advice on the award of contracts regarding the use of transport routes for electricity and gas pursuant to Section 46 German Energy Industry Act (EnWG)
  • Providing advice on the award of service licences (e.g. supply of drinking water, day-care centre/school meals, broadband cable)


IT.Niedersachsen (IT.N) - Providing public procurement law advice. Luther advises IT.N on preparing and implementing the EU procurement procedure and on drafting the complex contract for the provision of telecom-munications and IT services
Landesnahverkehrsgesellschaft Niedersachsen mbH (LNVG) - Providing on-going public procurement law advice the local public transport company of the State of Lower Saxony, with regard to the pro-curement of vehicles
Transport company of a large city - Providing public procurement law advice with regard to the allocation of advertising rights in underground stations
Institute for Federal Real Estate (BImA)/Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) - Providing comprehensive public procurement and contract law advice regarding the building of new BSI offices in Bonn. Preparing and implementing a PPP ten-der, preparation of tender documents, legal negotiations. First PPP project for the Federal Government for a national security authority.
Institute for Federal Real Estate (BImA)/Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) - Providing legal advice during construction work on the construction of the so-called 'House of the Future' (now 'Futurium') for the Federal Ministry of Education and Research in Berlin. Luther already provided the contracting au-thority with advice on all the issues relating to structuring the tender, drafting the contracts and conducting negotiations. First PPP building construction project for the Federal Government with integrated architectural competition.
The district of Burgenlandkreis in Saxony-Anhalt - Advising on the awarding of rescue services, providing representation in the award review procedure before the Halle Public Procurement Chamber.
A medical device manufacturer - Providing legal advice and providing representation in an award review procedure regarding the procurement of medical ventilators
Städtisches Klinikum Braunschweig gGmbH - Preparing and implementing an EU procurement procedure for the municipal hospital in the form of a competitive dialogue following a preliminary competition to select a technology partner for the procurement and operation/management of ultrasound equipment

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