Jenny Schindler

Jenny Schindler

Jenny Schindler


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Areas of practice

Jenny Schindler provides contracting authorities and companies with reliable, solution-oriented advice in connection with EU-wide and national procurement procedures.

She assists contracting authorities with the planning and implementation of projects. During the procurement procedure, she handles applicants’ and bidders’ enquiries in a solution-oriented manner, evaluates applications to participate and bids from a public procurement law perspective and closes the procurement procedure in close consultation with the contracting authority.

Jenny Schindler advises comprehensively on all kinds of procurement processes in Germany. She specialises in particular in the following key areas:

  • Award of planning and construction contracts: effective and comprehensive advice on the procurement of architectural and engineering services, as well as on the procurement of general contractor and toral contractor services.
  • IT procurement: comprehensive assistance across all stages of IT procurement; from the procurement of customised software solutions and cloud services to IT outsourcing projects.
  • Health care sector: solution-oriented advice on the procurement of medical devices and services to ensure a smooth and legally compliant procurement process.
  • Outsourced procurement office: implementation of entire EU-wide or national procurement procedures on behalf of districts, towns, municipalities and other contracting authorities. This helps ease the burden on existing procurement offices and optimise procurement processes.

Jenny Schindler studied law at the University of Hamburg (Germany). She then worked as a research assistant in the public procurement law department of an international business law firm. Jenny Schindler carried out her legal training at the Higher Regional Court of Celle (Germany), which included completing a training period at the Federal Public Procurement Tribunal.

Jenny Schindler was admitted to the German Bar in 2021. She started her professional career at a law firm in Munich (Germany) before moving to Luther in 2022.


  • IT procurement (system contracts, cloud services; customised software; maintenance services)
  • Building construction (hospitals; nursing homes; schools; day care centres; universities)
  • Urban development (procurement of planning services; architectural design competitions)
  • Medical devices
  • Emergency services
  • Waste/waste water disposal
  • Catering
  • Procurement in the police and safety and security sector
  • Drafted architect and engineer contracts, as well as total contractor contracts

Jenny Schindler regularly advises ministries, governments, districts and municipalities, university clinics and other hospitals, universities and students’ welfare organisations, in particular in the following sectors: planning and construction, consultancy (for example, project management), health care, mobility and IT.