Dr Florian Hensel, LL.M.

Dr Florian Hensel, LL.M.

Dr Florian Hensel, LL.M.


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Industries Real Estate & Infrastructure

Areas of practice

Dr Florian Hensel provides public procurement law advice to contracting authorities and (public) contractors at all stages of the procurement procedure. He prepares tender documents and assists with all aspects of the procurement procedure. In particular, he answers bidders’ enquiries and drafts letters of clarification and requests for additional information, as well as contracts and contract award reports. His services also include representing the interests of contracting authorities and contractors in review procedures before public procurement tribunals and higher regional courts.

In addition to this, Florian Hensel also advises on matters pertaining to private building and architectural law.


Dr Florian Hensel studied law at the University of Bielefeld and at the state distance-learning university in Hagen (LL.M.) (both Germany). In 2023, he received his doctorate from the German University of Administrative Sciences in Speyer (Germany) for a thesis on “The award of water concessions in the light of the 2014 trilogy of EU Directives and the German Public Procurement Law Modernisation Act 2016”. From 2018, he started specialising in public procurement and state aid law, working for a local public transport authority and for international commercial law firms.

Florian Hensel was admitted to the German Bar in 2020. He began his professional career with Graf von Westphalen (GvW), as a member of the public procurement team in the firm’s Dusseldorf (Germany) office. He then moved to Advant Beiten in Munich (Germany), again as a procurement lawyer, working at the same time on his doctoral thesis.

Florian Hensel joined Luther’s Munich office as a procurement lawyer in January 2024. He advises public contractors and bidders across Germany.


  • Public services contracts according to Regulation (EC) No. 1370/2007 regarding local public transport by rail and by road (concessions), having particular regard to the European Commission’s interpretative guidelines (2023/C 222/01)
  • IT procurement (system contracts, cloud services; customised software; development services, including AI programming; support services)
  • Building construction (hospitals; nursing care homes; schools; day care centres)
  • Urban development (procurement of planning services; architectural design competitions)
  • Medical devices
  • Emergency services
  • Waste/waste water disposal
  • Catering
  • Procurement for police forces and authorities and organisations with safety- and security-related tasks
  • Drafted architect and engineer contracts, as well as total contractor contracts
  • Provided legal advice during construction projects

Regularly works for ministries, police forces, governments, districts and municipalities, authorities responsible for providing local public transport, university clinics and hospitals, universities, student welfare organisations, and businesses, in particular in the areas of business consultancy (for example, project management), health care, IT, mobility, catering, policing and safety and security, start-ups and in the planning and construction sector.