StartUp Conference Vol. 6

Once again, on January 30, 2020, Luther Lawfirm Berlin hosted its annual StartUp Conference. Renowned by now, eight panellists seated against the arid backdrop at Musikbrauerei in Prenzlauer Berg gave insights into Berlin’s (and Warsaw’s) venture capital landscape and StartUp trends. Evolved over 5 years, the 6th edition of the event has now hit the mark of close to 160 attendees from. New this year: Luther Lawfirm Berlin and dynamics powered by mhp held a breakfast workshop on dos and don’ts for early stage founders.


The sixth annual Luther Startup Conference has drawn local and foreign StartUps and Venture Capitalists into Musikbrauerei last Thursday. The venue had already proven to be the perfect setting for last year’s 5th edition. As the StartUp Conference continues to grow into its role as an annual meeting platform for VCs and StartUps, founders and investors made it their agenda to enter direct conversations. On stage, two panels exchanged their views on questions raised by the hosts Andreas Tüxen, Lawyer and Notary at Luther Berlin, Svenja Lassen, Managing Director of PrimeCrowd Germany, York-Alexander von Massenbach, Head of Luther‘s London office, and Fabian Mimberg, Lawyer at Luther Cologne. We were particularly happy to see that the panels allow for critical statements and triggering questions.

Some VCs and StartUps began early that day: in 40 one-on-one pitching sessions at the Luther Berlin Office, hand-picked StartUps could engage in more intimate business conversations with VCs. Every year now we have been most excited about the outcome of those morning matches and expect to hear positive news throughout the year. From the very beginning, this has been a crucial element of the StartUp Conference day as initiators and hosts Andreas Tüxen and York-Alexander von Massenbach designed the event to serve also as a serious matching platform.

Special thanks is owed to our panellists, who are irreplaceable when it comes to insights into current interests and trends of VCs, prospective challenges for StartUps and the rules of the investment game altogether: Michael Rager of DTCP, Mark-Phillip Harré of SIGNA Innovations, Dr. Gunjan Bhardwaj of Innoplexus and Juliane Schiefer of Signature Ventures had a lively discussion on the first panel, while the second panel consisting of Lars Härle of Redstone, Philipp Meindl of TempoCap, Dorothea Gotthardt of Capnamic ventures and Max Moldenhauer of Sunfish Partners had lively discussions on technological trends, diversity in fundraising, climate awareness and greentech, and the relations between investors and founders.

We are proud to have received thoroughly positive feedback and feel honoured to see some awesome credentials by attendees out there. Thank you! We shall take this as a hint to continue the journey of Luther’s StartUp Conference as a specially designed platform event and are looking forward to the 7th edition in January 2021!

Andreas Tüxen, LL.M. (American University / WCL)

Andreas Tüxen, LL.M. (American University / WCL)
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Dr. Moritz Mentzel

Dr. Moritz Mentzel
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