10.06.2021 // online // Webinar

Entering the German Market - AHK Veranstaltung

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Current developments, in both Germany and the UK, put companies in an unprecedented situation. In order to deal with an unclear future, it is important to stay up to date with new opportunities, such as those offered by NRW.Global Business GmbH.

Many UK companies with a major client base in Europe are now consider establishing a presence in the EU to ensure their business can better continue to benefit from the advantages of the Single Market.

Within Germany, North Rhine-Westphalia offers excellent prospects for UK companies wishing to establish a foothold in the EU as well as substantial ongoing opportunities for bilateral trade and investment.

Join us at our workshop and discuss these issues with experts from Germany! As places are limited, it is advisable to register early.

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Registration under https://grossbritannien.ahk.de/veranstaltungen/anmeldung-entering-the-german-market?no_cache=1&tx_ahkevents_list%5Bcontroller%5D=Event&tx_powermail_pi1%5Bfield%5D%5BeventUid%5D=47481&cHash=3a99ca0ac145b05b9506546aca4eb704

The events starts: 

10.06.2021 | 14:00

The events ends:

10.06.2021 | 15:30

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