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Employment and Employee Benefits in Luxembourg: Overview (2022)


Marie Sinniger (Partner) and Thomas Alberti (Senior Associate) recently contributed to Thomson Reuters Practical Law Guide on Employment and Employee Benefits in Luxembourg.

In this Q&A article, our labor law experts give a high-level overview of the key practical issues including:

  • the scope of employment regulation;
  • employment status; background checks;
  • regulation of the employment relationship (including unilateral changes by an employer to the terms and conditions of employment);
  • minimum wage and bonuses;
  • working time, holidays and flexible working;
  • illness and injury of employees;
  • rights created by continuous employment;
  • provisions for fixed-term, part-time and agency workers;
  • discrimination and harassment;
  • termination of employment (including protection against dismissal and protected employees);
  • resolution of disputes between an employee and employer;
  • redundancy/layoff;
  • employee representation and consultation;
  • consequences of a business transfer;
  • employer and parent company liability;
  • employer insolvency;
  • employers' health and safety obligations;
  • taxation of employment income;
  • intellectual property;
  • restraint of trade;
  • relocation of employees; and
  • proposals for reform.


Click this link to access the article: Employment and Employee Benefits in Luxembourg: Overview | Practical Law (thomsonreuters.com)

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