Memo: Employment Law in Thailand

Labour law (or employment law) generally mediates the relationship between Employers, Employees, labour unions and the government. The term “collective labour law” relates to the tripartite relationship between the Employer, Employees and labour union; “individual labour law” concerns Employees’ rights at work also through the work contract. Employment standards are social norms (in some cases also technical standards) for the minimum socially acceptable conditions under which Employees or contractors are allowed to work. This publication shall give an overview of the labour law in the Kingdom of Thailand. Thai labour law is considered more protective of Employees’ rights, which can be credited to the basic presumption that the Employer is in a “position of power” in relation to the Employee. Rules and regulations apply to both Thai and foreign Employees. However, foreigners working in Thailand can be subject to additional requirements (e.g. such as holding a business visa and work permit).

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