Ekkehard Hübel

Ekkehard Hübel

Ekkehard Hübel


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Areas of practice

Ekkehard Hübel provides advice on all environmental law issues. One area of focus of his work is advising electricity cost-intensive companies on how to take advantage of the special equalisation scheme in the German Renewable Energy Act (EEG). This includes the limitations of the renewable energy surcharge for independent parts of companies. Further areas of focus are climate protection law (emissions trading, energy and electricity tax law), pollution control law, water law and "environmental compliance". Providing advice on legal issues relating to future technologies such as unmanned aviation systems and, in particular, drones is also part of his range of services.


Ekkehard Hübel studied law at the Universities of Rostock and Hamburg (Germany) until 2011.  After completing his first state exam, Ekkehard Hübel, he carried out his legal training at the Hanseatic Higher Regional Court of Hamburg (Germany).  Ekkehard Hübel joined Luther in 2014.

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