Dr Mathias Mailänder

Dr Mathias Mailänder

Dr Mathias Mailänder


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Areas of Practice

Dr Mathias Mailänder provides advice on all environmental law issues. He specialises in climate protection law (emissions trading and the German Renewable Energy Act (EEG)), emission control law, water and waste law, energy tax law, environmental criminal law and environmental compliance. He also assists companies in the implementation of environmental and energy management systems (ISO 14001, EMAS and ISO 50001). Dr Mathias Mailänder is a regularly published author, writing on current environmental law issues.


Dr Mathias Mailänder studied law in Hamburg until 2006, then obtained his doctorate (Prof Trute) on the topic “Das Governanceregime eines Regulierungsverbunds in der Telekommunikation” (the governance rules of a regulatory network in telecommunications), which included a transdisciplinary analysis of the regulatory structures in the multi-level system of the European Union. Dr Mathias Mailänder is a member of the Joint Judicial Examination Authority (Gemeinsames Prüfungsamt) at the Hanseatic Higher Regional Court and an examiner for the first and second state law exams in Germany. He is also a founding member and member of the supervisory board of the Association IZD (Industrie.Zukunft.Deutschland). He has worked for Luther since 2012.


Waste-to-Energy - relevant developments in European environmental law, CEWEP Working Group Energy

Shipping and emission trading - the legal perspective, Internationaler Seegerichtshof - IFLOS Maritime Talks Shipping and Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Schlussspurt beim Spitzenausgleich im Energie- und Stromsteuerrecht, oder: Was ist bis zum 31. Dezember noch zu beachten?, VDP - Infoveranstaltung "Aktuelles aus Energie- und Umweltrecht"

Thermische Abfallbeseitigungsanlagen im Lichte der Energiewende, 25. VDI - Fachkonferenz Thermische Abfallbehandlung 

Kosten der Energiewende - Eine Analyse der Lasten und Wohltaten, Mercedes-Benz Werk Berlin

Kosten der Energiewende - Eine Analyse der Lasten und Wohltaten, Metallwerk Oetinger Berlin-Tempelhof GmbH