Luther advises on the acquisition of ZMK Technologies and helps Finnish private equity partner enter the German market

Hanover – Luther Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft provided the Finnish private equity partner DevCo with comprehensive advice on the acquisition of ZMK Technologies GmbH by the Vexve Armatury Group. Vexve Armatury, a subsidiary of DevCo Partners, has acquired all 85% of the shares in ZMK Technologies held by the Singapore-listed Advanced Holding Ltd, as well as another 10.5% of the shares from the founders.


By acquiring the shares in ZMK Technologies, who is a worldwide leading developer and supplier of critical valves for the petrochemical industry, Vexve Armatury strengthens its petrochemical business and complements the Group's portfolio of highly specialised valves and services. Through this transaction, DevCo Partners has also made its first entry into the German market.

About DevCo Partners

DevCo Partners is a long-term oriented active owner and development partner dedicated to building and developing world leading companies in selected niche markets. It provides its companies with hands-on operational resources, strategic support and significant financial resources to support step changes in performance. DevCo was founded in 2014 and is the majority owner of two global niche leaders: Vexve Armatury Group and Medix Biochemica.

For DevCo Partners:

Luther M&A: Dr Thomas Halberkamp (Partner, Lead), Dr Daniel Schubmann (Counsel, Federführung), Dr Oliver Kairies(Partner), Stefan Tolksdorf (Associate)

Luther IP&IT: Dr Kay Oelschlägel (Partner), Dr Christian Rabe (Senior Associate)

Luther Arbeitsrecht: Prof. Dr Robert von Steinau-Steinrück (Partner), Dr Hilmar Rölz, MLE (Senior Associate)

Luther Commercial: Jens-Uwe Heuer-James (Partner), Dr Kuuya Chibanguza, LL.B. (Senior Associate)

Luther Real Estate: Dr Thomas Gohrke (Partner), Patrick Gocht (Senior Associate)