Luther accompanies rlc Packaging on takeover by AR Packaging Group

The Swedish ǺR Packaging Group AB, one of the leading European packaging companies, acquires all shares of the Swiss company K+D and the rlc Packaging Group, both well-known packaging manufacturers for healthcare and beauty products. Luther provided legal advice to rlc Packaging Group on the sale of its shares.


The German family-owned company rlc Packaging is an innovative premium packaging manufacturer for the beauty, pharmaceutical, food and confectionery industries. With 1,500 employees and seven locations in Germany, Poland and Switzerland, the company is one of the leading folding carton manufacturers in Europe.

Through the acquisition of rlc Packaging and K+D, AR Packaging will occupy a leading market position as a packaging manufacturer in the healthcare, pharmaceutical and beauty sectors. rlc Packaging will continue its range of packaging solutions under the management of AR Packaging.

For rlc Packaging:

Luther, Corporate / M&A: Prof Hans-Georg Hahn (Partner), Dr Sebastian Rabe (Senior Associate, both lead, both Hanover), Dr Christian Horn (Partner, Berlin), Dr Karina Wojtowicz (Associate), Daniel von der Decken (Associate, both Hanover)

Luther, Commercial: Frederik Wesch (Associate), Dr Paul Derabin (Associate, both Hanover)

Luther, Labour Law: Dr Hilmar Rölz (Senior Associate, Hanover)

Luther, Regulatory: Dr Gernot-Rüdiger Engel (Partner), Dr Mathias Mailänder (Counsel, both Hamburg)

Luther, Antitrust Law: Dr Helmut Janssen (Partner), Lukas Kienzle (Associate, both Brussels)

Luther, Banking & Finance: Christoph Schauenburg (Partner, Frankfurt)

rlc packaging Inhouse: Anne Wagener, M.B.L.-HSG (Head of Legal & Compliance)