Dr Gernot-Rüdiger Engel

Dr Gernot-Rüdiger Engel

Dr Gernot-Rüdiger Engel


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Industries Energy , Mobility & Logistics

Areas of Practice

Dr Gernot-Rüdiger Engel specialises in national, European and international climate protection law (climate protection laws, climate actions, emissions trading and German Renewable Energy Act (EEG)), environmental law with all its aspects (immission control law, water and waste law), information access law (German Freedom of Information Act (IFG), German Environmental Information Act (UIG) and transparency laws) and “environmental compliance”. His advice is solution-oriented, entrepreneurial and future-oriented. The latter is also the reason why he advises on all legal issues relating to the use of hydrogen. His services further cover the future topic of drones and he also sits on the relevant advisory board of the Federal Ministry of Transport.

He has been instructed to act on behalf of listed companies as well as owner-managed and medium-sized companies from the chemical industry, energy supply, wood-based materials industry, ceramic industry, paper, cardboard and board industry, thermal waste treatment plants and numerous associations.

In the Corona-crisis, he protects the production and the supply chains of his national and international clients and their strategic industries against closure orders under infection control law. 

Dr Gernot-Rüdiger Engel regularly publishes on current topics and gives lectures on current environmental law issues. He is also a lecturer on environmental and energy law (Berlin School of Economics and Law).


Dr Gernot-Rüdiger Engel studied law in Göttingen (Germany) and international business management. He obtained his doctorate under the supervision of Prof. Peine on European environmental law. He has worked for Luther since 2004 and was based in Luther’s Berlin office until 2008.

He is the editor of the magazine on emission control law and emissions trading: “Zeitschrift für Immissionsschutzrecht und Emissionshandel - I + E”and co-author of the commentaries on the German Environmental Information Act (UIG), as well as author of the “Corporate Compliance Checklists”. In addition, he is a founding member and a member of the supervisory board of the Association IZD (Industrie.Zukunft.Deutschland e.V.) and vice chairman of “Treibshausgasneutralität (STN)”, a charity that he founded. 

Honors and Distinctions
  • The Legal 500 Germany (2021): Nomination in environmental and planning law
  • Best Lawyers (2021): Award in "Public Law"
  • The Legal 500 (2019/2020): Listed under "Public Law - Environmental and Planning Law"
  • The Legal 500 (2019): Listed under "Tax Law"
  • The Legal 500 (2014): 2014: Listed under "Environmental and Planning Law"

  • Medical sector - Advising one of the largest hospitals in northern Germany on the preparation of a comprehensive feasibility study as part of the call for ideas and funding on the topic of unmanned aerial applications and individual air mobility solutions (UAS, air taxis) of the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure of 27 February 2019.

  • Chemical industry - Advising a North German chemical company in the context of participation in the funding project SINTEG - Schaufenster intelligente Energie - Digitale Agenda für die Energiewende of the BMWi / NEW 4.0 - Norddeutsche Energiewende

  • Paper industry - Advising one of the technologically leading paper mills in northern Germany in the context of participation in the SINTEG - Schaufenster intelligente Energie - Digitale Agenda für die Energiewende funding project of the BMWi / enera


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