Dr Richard Happ

Dr Richard Happ

Dr Richard Happ


T +49 40 18067 12766

Industries Energy , Real Estate & Infrastructure

Areas of practice

Dr Richard Happ advises and represents both companies and states in complex litigation and arbitration proceedings. He specializes in arbitration proceedings where a government is involved, in particular, investment arbitration proceedings, and in arbitration proceedings in the energy sector. Richard Happ already acted as an advisor in disputes arising from gas storage and supply contracts, the sale of gas networks, claims for compensation under energy law, the construction of power plants, investments in wind power plants and solar plants, long-term supply and purchase right contracts, and disputes in connection with nuclear power plants. The relevant arbitration proceedings were conducted in accordance with the applicable international rules (DIS, ICC, ICSID, SCC, UNCITRAL) in Frankfurt (Germany), Paris (France), Stockholm (Sweden), Geneva (Switzerland) und Washington, D.C. (USA). He is also regularly appointed as an arbitrator in disputes arising out of joint ventures and M&A transactions (post M&A disputes).

In his specialist area, Dr Richard Happ has for years been recommended and honoured in clients’ guides to the best lawyers, such as the JUVE Guide, Chambers, The GAR 100, The Legal 500, Expert Guides and Who's Who Legal. He has written more than two dozen articles and books on the topic of arbitration proceedings.


After studying law in Kiel (Germany) and Surrey (England), Dr Richard Happ received his doctorate in 2000 and carried out his legal training in Kiel, Hamburg (Germany), Brussels (Belgium) and Speyer (Germany). Richard Happ joined Luther's Hamburg office in 2001 and since then has worked as a lawyer specialising in litigation and dispute resolution. He is co-head of the German-wide Complex Disputes team.

Honors and distinctions
  • Chambers Global 2024: Ranking in "Dispute Resolution (Arbitration Counsel)", Band 3 (first ranking in 2011, "He is very strong in investor-state arbitration and I would definitely recommend him for that.")
  • Chambers Europe 2024: Ranking in "Dispute Resolution (Arbitration Counsel)", Band 3 (first ranking in 2011, "He is a strong lawyer focused on the client's goal.", "Richard Happ is experienced with state companies.", He is a very experienced litigator who offers a good overview of the case and doesn't miss details.")
  • JUVE Guide 2023/2024: Award "Renowned Party Representative in Arbitration Proceedings" (first award in 2013/2014, "extremely good lawyer and litigator", competitor) and mentioned under "Frequently Recommended" in "Conflict Resolution - Dispute Resolution" (first mentioned in 2010/2011) and "Regulated Industries - Energy Law" (first mentioned in 2019/2020, "very careful, excellent colleague", "brilliant litigator", competitor) 
  • JUVE Guide 2022/2023: Mentioned under "Frequently Recommended" in "Distribution/Trade/Logistics – Foreign Trade Law" (first listed in 2017/2018, "profoundly well-read, experienced in arguments, wide awake, open to unconventional ways", client)
  • The Legal 500 Germany 2024: Award "Leading Name" in the category "Dispute Resolution - Arbitration" (first recommendation in 2023, first mention in 2011, "A bright mind that pursues its goals with empathy and imagination for the benefit of the client"), recommendation in the category "Commercial and Distribution Law - Foreign Trade Law" (first recommendation in 2023) and mention in the "Industry Focus - Energy" (first mention in 2019)
  • The Legal 500 Germany 2023: Recommendation in "City Focus Hamburg"
  • The Legal 500 Germany 2020: Mention in the category "Dispute Resolution - Commercial Disputes" (first mention in 2014)
  • Who’s Who Legal 2024: Recommendation "National Leader" in "Germany - Arbitration" (first recommendation in 2011, "He has the excellent ability to provide complicated and complex information in a comprehensible manner", "very bright and very powerful party counsel", earning acclaim as "one of Germany's top investor-state arbitration counsel" thanks to his "excellent ability to provide complicated and complex information in a comprehensible manner.") and "Germany - Commercial Litigation" 
  • Who’s Who Legal 2023: Award "Thought Leader" (first award in 2021) and recommendation "Global Leader" in "Arbitration" (first recommendation in 2011, "One of Germany's top investor-state arbitration counsel")
  • kanzleimonitor.de 2022/2023: Recommendation in "Litigation & ADR" (first recommendation in 2021/2022)
  • Thomson Reuters 2024: Award as Stand-out Lawyer
  • Best Lawyers 2020: Award "Lawyer of the Year" in "International Arbitration" 
  • Best Lawyers 2024: Recommendation in "Arbitration and Mediation" (first recommendation in 2014), "Corporate Law" (first recommendation in 2016), "International Arbitration" (first recommendation in 2014), "Litigation" (first recommendation in 2020) and "Energy Law" (first recommendation in 2023)
  • WirtschaftsWoche 2023: Recommendation "Top Lawyer" in "Arbitration" (first recommendation in 2021)
  • Expert Guides 2021: Recommendation in "Commercial Arbitration" (first recommendation in 2011)
  • PLC 2011: Recommendation in "Dispute Resolution: Arbitration" 
  • The International Who's Who of Commercial Arbitration 2015: Listed (first listed in 2011)
  • The International Who's Who of Business Lawyers 2015: Listed (first listed in 2011)

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