Luther advises district of Oberspreewald-Lausitz on partial privatisation of Klinikum Niederlausitz GmbH

Hanover – In a bidding process, the district of Oberspreewald-Lausitz has found a strategic partner for Klinikum Niederlausitz GmbH, which was previously publicly owned. 51% of the shares have now been transferred to Sana Kliniken AG. The district was advised on the transaction by Luther Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH.


Klinikum Niederlausitz has two sites – Lauchhammer and Senftenberg – with the specialist departments of surgery, orthopaedics, gynaecology and obstetrics, internal medicine, geriatrics, paediatrics and adolescent medicine, neurology, psychiatry & psychotherapy, psychosomatic medicine & psychotherapy and urology. Klinikum Niederlausitz GmbH is also the shareholder of Gesundheitszentrum Niederlausitz GmbH and Gesundheitszentrum Calau GmbH.

The aim of the sale is to make medical care in the district and neighbouring regions sustainable and fit for the future while preserving jobs. Sustainable medical care in the Oberspreewald-Lausitz region is to continue to be ensured both through a comprehensive, forward-looking medical, operational and personnel concept and through investments in the location.

Due to the complex regulatory requirements and the resulting adjustments to the medical structures, it took almost 13 months to complete the transaction after the district council's vote.

Luther Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft is advising the district of Oberspreewald-Lausitz in other proceedings in addition to this transaction.

On behalf of the District of Oberspreewald-Lausitz:

Luther, Corporate/M&A: Dr Oliver Kairies (Partner, Lead), Dr Daniel Schubmann (Counsel), Dr Karina Wojtowicz (Senior Associate).

Luther, Medical Law: Dr Hendrik Bernd Sehy (Counsel), Frances Wolf (Associate)

Luther, Employment Law: Sebastian Fedder (Partner), Dr Hilmar Rölz, MLE (Senior Associate)

Luther, Tax Law: Jens Röhrbein (Partner)

Luther, Competition Law: Dr Helmut Janssen, LL.M. (Partner)