Reorganisation of the hospital landscape: Merzig-Wadern district relies on Luther for entry into Merzig hospital

Hamburg, 28.03.2024 – The insolvency proceedings at Merzig Hospital (Saarland) are drawing to a close: The district of Merzig-Wadern is taking a stake in the clinic and contributing to its reorganisation. It was advised by Luther Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft. This also included advising on the acquisition of the blocking minority in Klinikum Merzig gGmbH as part of insolvency plan proceedings.


The future concept for Klinikum Merzig gGmbH, the only hospital providing basic and standard care in the Merzig-Wadern district, has been finalised: Klinikum Merzig will remain a fully-fledged hospital. In this way, medical care for the region can continue to be ensured. With a budget of EUR 27.5 million over the next five years, the district intends to lead the hospital into a secure future.

The district relied on Luther's expertise in the acquisition and modelling of the proceedings for the participation in Klinikum Merzig gGmbH, whose majority shareholder remains Saarland Heilstätten GmbH. The team led by the experienced insolvency lawyer Dr Marcus Backes and the hospital lawyer and expert in the field of re-municipalisation of hospitals Dr Hendrik Sehy supported the district in all relevant legal matters. Luther is involved in almost all reorganisation and restructuring proceedings in the hospital sector in Germany thanks to its special industry experience.

On behalf of the district of Merzig-Wadern:

Luther, lead: Dr Marcus Backes (insolvency law and distressed M&A, partner), Dr Hendrik Sehy (hospital law, public law, counsel)

Luther, Corporate/M&A: Dr Michael Bormann (Partner), Marc Urlichs (Counsel), Dr Daniel Schubmann (Counsel), Ahmed Zoughbi (Associate)

Luther, Insolvency Law and Distressed M&A: Artur Winkler (Counsel)

Luther, Labour and Tax Law: Dr Annekatrin Veit (Partner)

Luther, Tax Law: Jens Röhrbein (Partner), Jan Spiering (Associate)

Luther, Banking & Finance: Dr Rolf Kobabe (Partner)

Luther, Merger Control and State Aid Law: Dr Helmut Janssen, LL.M. (Partner), Martin Lawall, LL.M. (Senior Associate)

On behalf of the Klinikum Merzig gGmbH in self-administration:

Lieser Rechtsanwälte, Jens Lieser and Dr Martin Kaltwasser

On behalf of the former shareholder Saarland-Heilstätten GmbH:

Heidemann Küthe Rechtsanwälte Partnerschaftsgesellschaft mbB, Dr Georg Heidemann and Bernd Piper

Property management:

Eckert Rechtsanwälte, Dr Mark Boddenberg (trustee) and Kimon Kantis

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