Luther advises Augsburger Aktienbank on the sale of its securities business

Frankfurt – Luther Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH advised Augsburger Aktienbank comprehensively on the sale of its securities trading business to the European Bank for Financial Services (Ebase). The transaction involves securities portfolios worth about EUR 17 billion.


Augsburger Aktienbank manages securities for approximately 180,000 securities account holders, which will now be handled by Ebase, a subsidiary of the London-based financial technology provider FNZ. Upon examination by the Bundeskartellamt, which is the German competition authority, and by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs, the transaction is scheduled to be implemented in mid-2021.

Augsburger Aktienbank has been part of LVM Versicherung, one of the largest groups of direct insurers in Germany, since 2002. The sale of the securities business marks the beginning of the restructuring of the business units of Augsburger Aktienbank.

On behalf of Augsburger Aktienbank:

Luther Corporate/M&A: Dr Andreas Kloyer (Partner / Lead), Stephan Gittermann (Partner), Dr Thomas Kuhnle (Partner), Martin Zackor, LL.M. (Counsel), Michael Ströbel, LL.M. (Senior Associate)

Luther Data Protection Law: Dr Stefanie Hellmich, LL.M. (Partner)

Luther Employment Law: Hans-Christian Ackermann (Partner), Achim Braner (Partner)

Luther, Banking Supervisory Law: Dr Rolf Kobabe (Partner)

Luther, Antitrust Law: Dr. Helmut Janssen, LL.M. (Partner)