Automotive: Luther advises I.G. Bauerhin on sale to US automotive supplier Lear

Stuttgart, 28.06.2022 – The shareholder of the I.G. Bauerhin Group (IGB) from Gründau (Hesse), a leading global supplier of seat climate control solutions for the automotive industry, has sold the group of companies to the US-American Lear Corporation from Michigan. The shareholder was comprehensively advised on the transaction by a team from Luther Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft.


The transaction includes all locations of the IGB Group in Germany, the Czech Republic, Serbia, Canada, Mexico, China and Vietnam with more than 4,000 employees and, in particular, the existing customer contracts and customer relationships. The transaction is subject to approval by the relevant antitrust authorities.

About the I.G. Bauerhin Group:

I.G. Bauerhin has been supplying the automotive industry with innovative electric seat heating systems since 1976. Starting from the Gründau site, IGB Automotive has developed into an internationally active company whose products are relied on by almost all vehicle manufacturers. In addition to seat heaters, IGB today also offers its customers ventilation systems, active cooling systems, steering wheel heaters, HOD systems, seat sensors and electronic control modules.

IGB Automotive employs more than 4,000 people on three continents and operates plants in Germany, the Czech Republic, Serbia, Canada, Mexico, China and Vietnam.


On behalf of the shareholder of the I.G. Bauerhin Group:

Luther, Corporate/M&A: Dr Thomas Kuhnle (Partner, Lead), Dr Axel Mühl (Partner), Michael Ströbel, LL.M. (Senior Associate), Rares Holonec (Associate)

Luther, IP & Copyright Law: Carsten A. Senze (Partner), Felix Hielscher (Associate)

Luther, Tax Law: Dr Zacharias-Alexis Schneider, LL.B., LL.M. (Partner)

Luther, Real Estate Law: Iris Glönkler (Counsel), Annkathrin Egerer-Tratt (Associate)

Luther, Antitrust Law: Dr Sebastian Janka, LL.M. (Partner)

China/Foreign Trade Law: Luther's China Desk with Thomas Weidlich, LL.M. (Partner),
Dr Yuan Shen (Counsel)

Czech Republic: PRK Partners with Jan Kohut (Partner), Shiyang Zhang (Associate)

Mexico: Goodrich Riquelme with Jose Luis Perez Custodio (partner), Dario Galicia (associate)

On behalf of the Lear Corporation:

Mayer Brown LLP: Dr Marco Wilhelm (Corporate/M&A, Lead), Tina Hoffmann, Dr Malte Richter