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Incoterms® 2020 DIGITAL GUIDE

The Incoterms® rules are a set of clauses for the interpretation of customary terms used in contracts for the international trade in goods. In the case of goods shipments, these rules govern the transfer of risk and place of delivery, the transport costs and risk, as well as the obligation to take out transport insurance between the buyer and seller. >>

Enabling Innovation

The ability to innovate and an inventive spirit are an essential basis for securing the future and the international competitiveness of our economic system. For the successful realisation of innovative ideas, new business models or innovative projects, it is not only necessary to ensure close cooperation between all those involved, but also to accompany the processes with foresight and agility. >>

Future Work

The globalisation of the labour market, demographic change and, above all, new technologies are changing our traditional working habits for example in terms of working models, places of work and working hours. This change is affecting employees and employers alike. The common understanding of an employment relationship is increasingly becoming more like a partnership. As a result, new opportunities are developing that offer potential on both sides. Company processes and organisational structures are undergoing fundamental changes: hybrid or technology-enhanced work processes as well as networks, even across company borders, are increasing effectiveness and creating new, innovative forms of cooperation. >>


How to deal with cannabis has been the subject of a heated debate for some years. Both the FDP (Free Democratic Party) and the Greens (Bündnis 90/Die Grünen) campaigned for its legalisation in the recent parliamentary elections. The controlled dispensing of cannabis for recreational use has in the meantime been included in the coalition agreement. >>

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Corona support

On our information page you will find comprehensive, cross-sector information on the effects of the COVID-19. Please contact your direct contact person for all legal questions concerning the effects of COVID-19 you may have. You are also welcome to use our central e-mail address corona-support@luther-lawfirm.com. >>

E-Mobility and Law

E-mobility has been on everyone's lips for some time and is regarded as a vital component for achieving climate targets. E-mobility is often used as a buzzword without specifying what is meant by it. This is reason enough for us, as a leading law firm in the energy sector, to pursue a cross-disciplinary approach to e-mobility and not just to take a closer look at energy law issues. >>

Influencer Marketing und Recht

Im Zeitalter der Digitalisierung müssen Unternehmen, die anderen gegenüber einen Vorteil haben wollen, auf Fortschritt setzen. Damit ist nicht allein der technische Fortschritt hinsichtlich innovativer Produkte gemeint, sondern eben auch die Weiterentwicklung des Marketings. >>

The new Act for the Protection of Trade Secrets

Business secrets are the crown jewels of every company. New developments often result from already existing, internal company knowledge. Since spring 2019, however, legal claims for betrayal of secrets, theft of secrets and violation of secrets can only be asserted if the owner of the trade secret has protected the information with appropriate measures. Reason: The new Act for the Protection of Trade Secrets >>

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Luther successful for German asphalt industry in test case before Federal Fiscal Court

Luther Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft was able to secure important energy and electricity tax relief for over one hundred companies in the industry in a coordinated action with the German Asphalt Association. Luther and an asphalt mix manufacturer successfully challenged an administrative practice of the customs administration before the Federal Fiscal Court, according to which asphalt mix companies should no longer receive previous tax relief. >>

Luther erfolgreich für deutsche Asphaltindustrie in Musterverfahren vor Bundesfinanzhof

Die Luther Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft konnte im abgestimmten Vorgehen mit dem Deutschen Asphaltverband über hundert Branchenunternehmen wichtige Energie- und Stromsteuerentlastungen sichern. Luther und ein Asphaltmischguthersteller gingen vor dem Bundesfinanzhof erfolgreich gegen eine Verwaltungspraxis der Zollverwaltung vor, nach der Asphaltmischgutunternehmen bisherige Steuerentlastungen nicht mehr erhalten sollten. >>

Luther berät Eurazeo Private Debt bei Junior Debt Finanzierung für Erwerb von Bikeleasing

Die Luther Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft berät das Private Debt Team von Eurazeo bei einer Junior Debt Finanzierung in Höhe von EUR 35.000.000. Brockhaus Technologies AG hat die Finanzierung des Erwerbs der Bikeleasing Gruppe eingesetzt, eine der führenden digitalen Plattformen für automatisierte Umsetzung und Verwaltung von B2B Leasingverträgen. >>