Sustainability: Luther advises Greek ballast water treatment specialist on acquisition of RWO GmbH

Hamburg – Luther Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft has comprehensively advised the Greek company Erma First ESK Engineering Solutions S.A. on the acquisition of RWO GmbH, a German marine water treatment specialist, in a bidding process. Erma First and RWO GmbH together, the companies will offer solutions for more environmentally friendly shipping in the future.


RWO is the global market leader in the treatment of oily wastewater on ships. With the acquisition of RWO, Erma First consolidates its position as one of the global market leaders for ballast water treatment systems (BWTS).

By 2024, all internationally operating shipping companies must equip their ships with special purification systems for ballast water. These requirements pose challenges for the shipping industry worldwide. "For companies along the water treatment chain, however, this also offers enormous growth opportunities," says Konstantinos Stampedakis, Managing Director at Erma First: “Thanks to Luther's industry expertise, we have gained a proven market specialist in RWO, which is an excellent addition to our portfolio in terms of sustainability goals in the maritime industry."

About Erma First

Erma First, based in Perama/Greece, develops and produces innovative ballast water treatment systems based on the needs of ship owners as well as strict environmental legislation. Erma First systems are certified and have received several awards for their technological performance over the years. Erma First is a leading player in the global market for BWTS.

About RWO GmbH

RWO GmbH is one of the global market leaders in the development and manufacture of high-quality technologies for water treatment on board ships and offshore installations. RWO's product portfolio includes the manufacture of systems for the treatment of drinking and process water as well as for the prevention of water pollution – for example by oily wastewater or ballast water. The head office is located in Bremen.

For Erma First:

Luther, Corporate/M&A: Daniel Fehling, LL.M. (Lead Partner), Dr Joachim Heinemann (Senior Associate).

Luther, Commercial & Distribution Law, Product Liability / Product Compliance: Dr Christoph von Burgsdorff, LL.M. (Partner), Franz Kauer, LL.M. (Associate)

Luther, Employment Law: Sandra Sfinis (Senior Associate)

Luther, Data Protection Law: Dr Kay Oelschlägel (Partner), Dominik Menhaj (Senior Associate)

Luther, Tax Law: Ulrich Siegemund (Partner), Ramona Hubracht, LL.M. (Senior Associate)

Luther, Antitrust Law (Merger control): Dr Helmut Janssen, LL.M. (Partner)

For the seller of RWO:

Görg, Dr. Frank Evers (Lead Partner)