Healthcare: PE investor Triton to sell “Meine Radiologie Holding” to Swedish EQT

Cologne – “Meine Radiologie Holding GmbH”, a portfolio company of the Triton Group, will be sold to the Swedish investment company EQT Infrastructure. Triton was advised by a team from Luther Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft on the regulatory aspects of the sale of the company, which operates medical care centres providing radiology services throughout Germany.


With EQT Infrastructure, another provider with experience in the healthcare sector will now take over Meine Radiologie Holding. EQT will simultaneously acquire a stake in blikk Holding GmbH, which also operates various medical care centres specialising in radiology in Germany. EQT intends to merge the two companies to form an even larger radiology chain.

Triton entrusted a team led by Martin Suter and Ralph Miller, Rothschild & Co Deutschland GmbH, with the implementation of the bidding process. Legal support on the process was provided by White & Case LLP as lead advisors, with a team led by Dr Stefan Koch and Tomislav Vrabec, who were supported by a Luther team led by Dr Eva Rütz and Dr Hendrik Sehy, both certified specialists in medical law. In this complex transaction from a regulatory perspective, the Luther team successfully contributed its expertise in medical law and its many years of experience supporting large transactions in the healthcare sector, amongst other things.

About Triton

The Triton Group was founded in 1997 and, with a total turnover of its portfolio companies of around EUR 17.4 billion, is one of the largest private equity companies. Triton acquired Meine Radiologie Holding in early 2019 and supported the group around the in-patient service provider Berglandklinik Lüdenscheid and the medical care centres operated by it on its considerable growth course.


About Meine Radiologie Holding

Meine Radiologie Holding GmbH, based in Frankfurt am Main, provides succession planning support to radiology, nuclear medicine and radiation therapy practices as a financially strong investor and professional management partner with a physician-led advisory board and management.


On behalf of Triton/Meine Radiologie Holding GmbH:

Luther, Employment Law (Regulatory/Medical Law): Dr Eva Maria K. Rütz LL.M. (Partner, Lead), Katharina Gorontzi, LL.M. (Senior Associate), Anna Büscher (Senior Associate), Lukas Gallenkämper (Associate)

Luther Corporate/M&A (Regulatory/Medical Law): Dr Hendrik Sehy (Counsel, Lead), Frances Wolf (Associate), Daniel von der Decken (Associate)