Luisa Rövenstrunck

Luisa Rövenstrunck

Luisa Rövenstrunck


T +49 221 9937 20951

Senior Consultant

Areas of practice

Luisa Rövenstrunck focuses on advising companies and business units on optimising workflows. By incorporating innovative digital solutions and developing legal tech tools, she helps to increase the efficiency of processes and improve communication channels. Luisa Rövenstrunck furthermore supports clients with extensive experience in legal project management. A particular focus is on project organisation in mass claims. Luisa Rövenstrunck is part of the Luther.Solutions team, which completes Luther’s legal advisory fields and service portfolio with digital solution modules (legal tech), elements and methods for designing workflows and processes (legal design) and legal project management.


Luisa Rövenstrunck studied Business law in Cologne (Germany). In 2017 she completed her studies with a focus on Mergers & Aquisition and International Business Law with an LL.B. During and after her studies, she worked for a corporate lawfirm in Cologne. Luisa Rövenstrunck joined Luther as a legal consultant in July 2018.


  • Management of workflows and resources in large litigation project for German car manufacturer
  • Process design and implementation of a Robotic Process Automation process to automate various data maintenance processes
  • Project management in large project for German authorities involving various parties and stakeholders
  • PMO and project management for joint venture regarding company mergers
  • Project management for the programming and go-live of a legal tech tool for a large Munich association for the handling of lawsuits in connection with Corona aid
  • Further development of the solution offering to include artificial intelligence. Development of the use case related to the topic of subsidy management. Head of the team for the annotation of documents for training the AI
  • Supporting project management in the organisation and implementation of a major project (corporate law, energy law, environmental law, antitrust law, state aid law) with an investment volume of over EUR 150 million for the construction of a 100 MW electrolyser for the production of green hydrogen