Luther takes over the chairmanship of three regional groups of the German Procurement Network (DVNW)

Cologne, 10.11.2022 – Luther Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft will assume the honorary chairmanship of the regional groups in Hanover, Leipzig and Munich of the DVNW with immediate effect. The DVNW brings together experts and decision-makers in public procurement law and the public sector. It thus exercises an important bundling function for the practical application of public procurement law in Germany and beyond.


In the future, Luther will chair the regional groups of the DVNW in Munich, Leipzig and Hanover with the following representatives of the law firm:

Marco Junk, founder of the DVNW, comments on the cooperation as follows: "The DVNW is not only an online network. For the professional exchange of members "on site", we have been successfully cooperating with leading law firms in public procurement law for many years. With Luther, the network is now also represented for the first time with regional groups in Leipzig and Hanover. We are particularly pleased that Luther also supports the regional group in Munich. In this way, Luther is making a significant contribution to the expansion of the public procurement law network in Germany and beyond."

"Luther has been active in the public sector for decades and now advises 35 lawyers on public procurement law, including in the infrastructure, energy and real estate sectors. The cooperation in the DVNW will help municipalities and other public clients, especially in the practical implementation of the complex requirements of public procurement law," says Dr Stefan Mager, who heads the public procurement law department at Luther Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft: "We consider it a tribute to the DVNW that we are allowed to fill these challenging positions. We will justify this by holding a variety of joint events."

Thanks to the support of sponsors, the DVNW is able to offer, among other things, the free awarding blog (www.vergabeblog.de). The member network, which is also free of charge, is organised virtually throughout Germany. At the same time, the various sponsors enable on-site exchange in the DVNW regional groups. Interested parties can register here:


The DVNW German Public Procurement Network:

The German Public Procurement Network (DVNW) brings together experts and decision-makers in public procurement law and the public sector. Selected members from administration, business, law, science and politics form a powerful network. These include public purchasers from the federal, state and local governments, supra-regional organisations and NGOs, as well as globally positioned companies and high-performance medium-sized enterprises. The DVNW thus represents the public sector in Germany like no other network.

In view of the total volume of public contracts awarded by the federal government, states and municipalities amounting to around EUR 600 billion annually, there is a great need for an exchange of information and knowledge, both on the part of the clients and the contractors. Public procurement law, which has been continuously reformed and heavily regulated by the EU for years, and which is also split into numerous legal regulations, reinforces this need for information. In addition, hardly any other area of law is so influenced by case law. The DVNW takes this into account and provides its members with an exclusive platform for information and knowledge exchange.

The DVNW is not only internet-based. There are also regional groups in Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Dortmund for direct personal exchange on site.


Luther's advice on public procurement law:

Luther's strong team for public procurement law includes 35 lawyers, about half of whom are specialist lawyers for public procurement law. The colleagues have particular experience in advising the public sector and public enterprises, always taking into account the interfaces with budgetary, European and public commercial law. The practice is also characterised by many years of industry experience in the areas of Energy, Health Care & Life Science, IT & Telecommunication, Mobility & Logistics and Real Estate & Infrastructure.