Luther provides advice to personnel service provider Sempart on merger with expertum

Luther Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft assisted the personnel service provider Sempart in the merger with expertum group. A comprehensive personnel service provider with 41 locations in Germany is established from this merger. The expertum group and Sempart GmbH merged with effect from 1 May 2015. The former sole shareholder of Sempart GmbH, Markus Winkler, transfers his shares to the group and participates in expertum.


The objectives behind the merger are extending the dense network of subsidiaries throughout Germany and increasing subsequently the market share in the personnel service industry in Germany. Through the acquisition, expertum will consolidate its presence especially in the Rhine-Main and Rhine-Neckar region and is well-positioned to counter the increasing lack of skilled labour.

About Sempart

Sempart is a personnel service provider operating successfully in the market since 1992 and specialising in the fields of banking, finance, industrial, IT and office. Sempart focuses its activity on skilled workers and business people and has a broad customer base in the areas of chemical as well as office and administration. Branch offices are located in Darmstadt, Frankfurt, Höchst, Mainz, Mannheim, Ulm and Wiesbaden.

About expertum

In case of temporary or permanent employment services and HR consulting, expertum group has got more than 25 years of experience on the German market as an industry-focused personnel service provider with emphasis on the metal and electrical industry as well as the energy sector. With branch offices all over Germany, expertum is on site with its specialised knowledge of industries and job profiles.

On behalf of Sempart

Luther Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft, Stuttgart: Frank Gutsche (Lead Partner)

Baumann & Baumann, Ober-Ramstadt: Ralf Baumann (Tax Law)

On behalf of expertum

Dissmann Orth, Munich: Dr Jochen Ettinger (Lead), Dr Arne Friese, Dr Lea Finckh (Legal Due Diligence)

Gleiss Lutz, Munich: Dr Petra Linsmeier Dr Daniel Petzold (Antitrust Law)

EbnerStolz, Hamburg: Markus Schmal (Financial Due Diligence), Dr Markus Emmrich (Tax Due Diligence)

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