Feasibility study: Drone taxis for hospitals - Flying helper for hospital logistics

Considerable time savings and the associated improved patient care are the background and also the goal of the feasibility study on the use of drones at the Braunschweig Hospital. The feasibility study will be completed by February 2020.


The Braunschweig hospital is spread over three locations in the city. The main surgery centre is located at the Salzdahlumer Straße site, twelve kilometres from the Institute of Pathology in Celler Straße. The feasibility study is currently testing the use of drones for transport between the operating theatres and the pathology department during ongoing operations. The primary goal is to optimize the care processes and thus increase the quality of care for patients.


A team from Luther Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH provides legal advice during the preparation of the feasibility study. There are currently numerous legal hurdles that make drone flight in urban areas considerably more difficult. One example is the prohibition of the use of drones above or near hospitals. From 1 July 2020, new regulations will be added by the EU UAV Ordinance. Transport in the medical sector also poses special challenges. "In order to overcome these hurdles, existing legal regulations will have to be amended or exemptions granted. In the course of the project, we have held numerous talks with the responsible authorities at state and federal level, in which great support for the project was signalled. We are therefore optimistic that the Braunschweig project will provide the necessary impetus and deliver a blueprint for the use of drones in hospital operations throughout Germany," explained lawyers Gernot Engel, Cornelia Yzer and Ekkehard Hübel for the Luther team.


For the Braunschweig Hospital:

Luther, Environment, Planning Law, Regulatory: Dr Gernot-Rüdiger Engel (Partner, Lead), Cornelia Yzer (Of Counsel), Ekkehard Hübel (Senior Associate)

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