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Blockchain technology makes it possible to digitise assets, allowing them to be directly implemented, securely documented and administrated in a decentralised manner in transactions between the parties involved. As a result, so-called intermediaries are no longer needed. Blockchain applications can be found above all in the financial industry and capital markets, but increasingly in logistics, where they are used to describe supply chains in a transparent manner and without interruptions. As an initially pure technological concept, a blockchain does not exist in a legal vacuum: especially when used productively, there are many legal issues that need to be considered in connection with blockchain-based business models. With a specialised multidisciplinary team of lawyers, we can advise the providers of these technologies, as well as companies in the financial sector, on all legal issues in the area of blockchain or financial technology (“FinTech”).

At Luther, we can advise companies on all questions of law relating to this innovative technology and to the business models that are based on this technology. Our advisory services include examining the regulatory challenges and taking them into account when drafting agreements, providing support in intended cooperations as well as advice on the development, expansion or financing of new business models. In the area of financial technology (FinTech), we advise companies from the financial sector, technology providers and the providers of new technology-based business models on digitalisation strategies. We provide strategic legal input on these topics with a view to ensuring the required compliance in a heavily regulated legal environment.

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Force Majeure and State Action: Lessons from the Rolimpex Case and Beyond
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