The digital revolution is in full swing. In a highly competitive market where new business models are always developing and existing processes are continually being challenged, worldwide groups of companies, well-established medium-sized businesses and start-ups are looking for the best possible solutions. This not only calls existing business models into question, but also creates new, innovative forms of cooperation. This revolution is being driven by numerous technological developments over recent years, such as cloud computing, digital platforms, Big Data and artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things (IoT) or blockchain technology.

Luther’s lawyers provide comprehensive support and advice in all legal issues pertaining to digital business models, agile architectures and when using new technologies as well as the necessary transformation process in the company. From the realignment of digital value chains, platform business models, future work, IT and data protection issues, intellectual property protection to digital compliance and antitrust law. We have summarised our advisory services in these legal areas under “Luther.Digital”. Luther.Digital can accompany you through all the phases of any upcoming transformation projects – from the strategic dialogue to LegalTech solutions and the subsequent change process.