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The digital value chain encompasses all stages from the development to the delivery and subsequent servicing of products. This is where data from the underlying processes is collected and shared with all internal and external units and participants for further processing. This networking of organisations and business partners in a value chain, which often extends beyond national borders, holds great potential for efficiency, quality and speed through the shared use of systems and data. This opens up a wide range of opportunities through the vertical and horizontal integration of process flows and, thus, in the development of new, innovative services and products.

However, this not only relates to the exchange of information, documents and data from sales, development, production or delivery logistics, but also to complex legal issues regarding supply agreements as well as distribution and sales agreements or quality agreements. The value generated by today’s cross-company networks places high demands on the cooperation of all participants, on process and product safety, compliance, data protection and contract design.

Luther can advise companies on all legal issues relating to the digitalisation of the value chain. Our advice includes reviewing antitrust and other regulatory aspects as well as assisting and advising on the further development of business models. We can advise you on issues relating to national and international sales and the procurement of goods, product liability and product safety. Another focus is on advising on agreements of all kinds (distribution, supply, logistics, quality) as well as on cross-border transactions and disputes.

Our digital Services

E-/Mobile commerce

In light of the increase in digitalisation and the enhanced performance of mobile end devices, it is not only the e-commerce sector but also the mobile commerce market that is steadily growing. Online trade is becoming increasingly more important for the sale of goods, services and digital content and is already part of everyday life for most companies. This includes not only selling the products but also marketing them. How business models are presented on platforms, the exchange of personal data, the drafting of general terms and conditions, the international nature of contractual relations and the frequently changing, narrow regulatory framework give rise to many legal issues. Digitalisation can offer a wide range of innovation opportunities if businesses manage to meet these legal challenges.

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Digital distribution models

Whether you are a small retailer or a large group of companies: digital distribution channels have become part of everyday life as a means to distribute products and services. Digitalisation has changed classic distribution models and led to the creation of entirely new distribution methods. However, when designing your own digital distribution and marketing, you need to take into account the increasingly stricter legal framework. Luther can help businesses meet the legal challenges arising from the increasingly more complex national and international regulations – proactively and looking ahead to the future!

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Digital supply chain/e-procurement

The procurement of goods (e-procurement) and the related supply chain are an important part of any value chain. The digitalisation of the supply chain has continuously increased in recent years. Ordering processes and communications are handled electronically, data is recorded and exchanged in real time, and processes are automated, monitored and steered by remote control. The digitalisation of delivery requests, production, warehousing and logistics within the supply chain significantly facilitates procurement and supply chain management for companies. However, the varied nature of supply chains and the opportunities provided by digitalisation can also lead to a large number of commercial and legal challenges. A well-functioning digital supply chain therefore requires answers to numerous legal issues from diverse areas of law.

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03.06.2020 Press Release
Luther bundles its portfolio around digital topics under “Luther.Digital”

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