Mass litigation poses major challenges for companies and organisations. At Luther, we support our clients comprehensively in all areas of expertise.

The diesel engine emissions issue with the associated wave of lawsuits against car manufacturers is just one example of the increase in mass litigation in the market. In addition to the automotive industry, the number of mass actions in the banking, insurance, health care, telecommunications, media and retail sectors will also increase significantly. Digitalisation has made it possible for specialised law firms to file lawsuits using automated processes, which makes it much easier for consumers to take legal action.

Mass litigation is a complex matter involving a great deal of risk which, with a large number of different stakeholders inside and outside the company, represents a high risk for the companies concerned. The challenge lies in the need to quickly develop a strategy taking into account external factors, as well as in the high organisational effort necessitated by the multitude of actions and parties involved. Tight risk management, in terms of content, when implementing the strategy and handling cases is just as important as the observance of multiple deadlines. In this context, in addition to legal expertise, the efficient and transparent handling of, and provision of support during, the litigation process comes to the fore. With its “mass litigation” service, Luther has created a reliable portfolio of integrated services that comprises the three areas of expertise relevant to handling mass actions successfully and efficiently.

Legal expertise – legal know-how for the legal case

Legal expertise: Our number one field of expertise

Succeeding in court or before an arbitral tribunal requires experience and know-how. In complex court and arbitration proceedings, in particular, this does not only mean convincingly presenting a view of the law that is favourable to the client. Of equal importance is the efficient and strategic management of the proceedings, as well as the ability to keep an eye on the essentials in order to present the key points of the dispute in a comprehensible way, even in complex matters. Complexity can arise from there being multiple parties to a dispute (e.g. in construction disputes), a large number of parallel proceedings (mass actions), complicated interaction of legal norms from different areas of the law, large amounts of data, or a large number of witnesses and experts:

  • Specialised and renowned team of lawyers delivering expertise and professional excellence in procedural law, litigation, and litigation strategy
  • Expertise in complex disputes involving multiple parties, parallel proceedings, large amounts of data, different legal norms, different areas of the law or different jurisdictions
  • Ensuring the best possible representation of your interests, at short notice and in a cost-effective manner, by conducting the proceedings efficiently and strategically whilst keeping an eye on the essentials
  • Many years of experience in successfully structuring mass litigation on behalf of banks, fund houses and DAX companies, amongst others
  • Geographically close to all major judicial districts thanks to ten different locations in Germany
  • Full-service law firm: proven, close collaboration with specialists from various service lines and industry groups
  • We were awarded “JUVE Law Firm of the Year” in 2019 also and in particular for our mass claim handling
Operational excellence – competence in processing and project management

Legal Tech solutions: Tried-and-tested tools and templates for efficiently handling client mandates

At Luther, experts from among our lawyers, legal consultants, and IT and digital experts work together on Legal Tech solutions for mass actions. Our experts use preconceived and tried-and-tested tools and templates to efficiently handle mass actions. We can also provide a mass claim tool that was developed internally, has been tried and tested over many years and can at any time be individually adapted to meet the requirements of the specific project. Preconfigured workflow templates ensure that the necessary processes can be quickly and easily set up for the entire project team. Where necessary, document automation can be used to facilitate the creation of recurring documents, or automation of procedures to improve the quality and speed of processes:

  • Centralised data and information management for all components of the solution
  • Document and master data management
  • Automation of documents to efficiently create recurring documents and pleadings
  • Deadline management and double checks
  • Communication support through collaboration platforms
  • Automation of workflows and decisions following the identification of similar procedural processes
  • Reporting and controlling involving data analyses as well as interactive dashboards for quick and meaningful overviews and transparency in all processes
  • Knowledge management to ensure a uniform level of knowledge
  • Integrated, tried-and-tested case handling tool for the efficient and secure handling of individual proceedings

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