Town of Delmenhorst acquires land to develop new parts of the town

Delmenhorst – The Town of Delmenhorst took a big step at the end of 2020 towards developing a more attractive town centre: following the acquisition of the former HERTIE property and the premises of the former St. Josef Stift hospital, the town is now in possession of two attractive, centrally located plots.


The Town of Delmenhorst, advised comprehensively by Luther Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH, acquired the two plots in two separate, complex procedures.

The former HERTIE property was acquired from a property development company belonging to the ZECH Group. The premises of the former St. Josef Stift hospital, located on the river Delme, were acquired out of the assets of the insolvent St. Josef Stift foundation. The Town of Delmenhorst has purchased the two centrally located “premium” plots with a view to making an important contribution to rendering the town more attractive.

The Council of the Town of Delmenhorst gave its consent in November 2020. “Our successfully taking over these plots, which offer a lot of potential, is a big step towards the further development of the town centre of Delmenhorst,“ said Mayor Jahnz immediately after the signing of the two purchase agreements on behalf of the Town of Delmenhorst.

On behalf of Town of Delmenhorst:

Luther, Corporate M&A: Dr Hendrik Bernd Sehy (Counsel, Lead)

Luther, Real Estate & Infrastructure: Dr Thomas Gohrke (Partner), Patrick Gocht (Senior Associate), Theresa Becker (Senior Associate)

Luther, Tax Law: Jens Röhrbein (Partner)

Luther, Insolvency Law: Dr Marcus Backes (Partner)

On behalf of the St. Josef Stift foundation (insolvency administration):

Eckert Rechtsanwälte: Dr Stefanie Zulauf (insolvency administrator), Hanover

On behalf of Erste Projektentwicklungsgesellschaft Delmenhorst GmbH (ZECH Group):

Castringius Rechtsanwälte: Prof. Dr Thomas Haug, Bremen