Luther advises City of Leipzig on further broadband rollout

Leipzig – The fibre optic network in the Leipzig urban area will be further expanded. Hitherto underserved residential and commercial areas are to be provided with high-speed internet in future. Luther advised the City of Leipzig on the award of the current EUR 23 million expansion project.


The implementation of the subsidised further broadband rollout was sealed with the signing of the contract between Leipzig’s Lord Mayor Burkhard Jung and three telecommunications companies. The bidding consortium Netz Leipzig and the companies HLKomm and Vodafone had prevailed against their competitors in several rounds of negotiations. A Luther team accompanied the entire process from the invitation to tender to the award of the contract.

As part of the improvement of the broadband infrastructure in Leipzig, civil engineering work will be carried out over a length of 165 kilometres, involving the underground installation of 1,200 kilometres of fibre optic cable and of 455 kilometres of empty ducts. The expansion of the sustainable fibre optic network is being subsidised by the Federal Government and the German state of Saxony

On behalf of the City of Leipzig:

Luther, Public Procurement Law: Steffen Häberer (Partner), Diana Heinrici (Associate)

Photo (c) City of Leipzig