19.11.2020 - // Online/Suzhou // Lecture

From total surveillance to fair competition - where do we stand with Social Credit? – Hybrid Event: DUSA Roundtable "Social Credit System"

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For many people, China's social credit system (CSCS) evokes images of always-on policing and Orwellian control. For others, it is an important step towards a more intelligent governance model for a complex world in which the old ways of policing and ensuring corporate responsibility are failing. In comes a highly-connected, comprehensive and super-adaptive tool which can be used to improve corporate behavior on all levels. Invented, developed and tested in China – global launch coming soon.

According to the original policy document, 2020 was the year for the national roll out of the social credit system, which was then delayed due to more pressing concerns.

For this Roundtable, Mr. Philip Lazare, Partner and Co-location Head of Luther Law Offices in Shanghai, will check where we are with the implementation of the system: what are the pillars that are in place already, what are companies doing to adapt and protect themselves, and which ideas or fears may not materialize for some time? Mr. Mr. Thomas Scholz, General Manager of Gustav Wolf Wire Rope (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., will share his experience with us and give a view how his company did the first steps.

This is a hybrid event which will be held at the DUSA member company, "MCi Mirror Controls (Suzhou) Co., Ltd." and offer online live broadcast at the same time.

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External Speaker

Thomas Scholz, General Manager of Gustav Wolf Wire Rope (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.