24.08.2022 // online // Lecture

​​​​​​​Success Factors in Germany - Session 1: General Framework & Support Policies - 赴德投资的成功要素——研讨会(第一期):投资框架和支持政策

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Germany Trade & Invest will be holding a webinar series: Success Factors in Germany – Mobility & Logistics (3 sessions) respectively on 24 August, 14 September and 26 October. 德国联邦外贸与投资署 (Germany Trade & Invest) 将举办主题为“赴德投资的成功要素——聚焦移动出行和物流运输行业”的系列研讨会。

In the first session on 24 August 2022, Thomas Weidlich, Head of Asia-Pacific at Luther, will talk about the legal framework for investing in Germany. 在2022年8月24日的第一期研讨会上,陆德亚太区负责人Thomas Weidlich 律师将介绍投资德国的法律环境。

Till now, about 6000 Chinese enterprises have already found their way into the heartland of Europe: Germany. The mobility and logistics market of Germany is one of the most important markets in the world and is already deeply connected with #China. 目前约有6000家中国企业已经进军欧洲中心地带:德国。德国的移动出行和物流运输市场无疑是全球最重要的市场之一,且与中国紧密相连。

If your company is planning to invest in Europe and wish to obtain an overview of the process: this webinar series will lay out your potential roadmap to Germany and its most important milestones. Germany Trade & Invest invited more than 10 internationally experienced experts who will provide a one-stop overview of all the major success factors. 如果贵司正在计划进入欧洲市场并期望对投资过程有一个全面的了解,那么这个研讨会系列将为贵司阐述如何规划进军德国市场的计划,以及投资过程中关键的环节。三位主办方邀请了十多位拥有丰富国际项目经验的专家来为企业提供一个一站式的介绍,分享在欧洲和德国投资的关键要素。

Sign up today and find out more about the speakers and hosting companies. 填写下方报名表参与本次研讨会,与各位专家和主办机构线上交流,期待您的参与! https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/vov1hJIA095BH7xkTr2FBA