"Doing Business in India" workshop and evening reception with the Indian Consul General on the occasion of India Day 2024 in Germany


Together with the Indian ICICI Bank in Frankfurt, our India Practice Group in Germany organised a half-day workshop for clients and companies with business activities in India and an evening reception with the Indian Consul General B. S. Mubarak from the Consulate General India, Frankfurt, on the eve of India Day 2024 at our premises in Cologne.

After a brief introduction by our Head of India Practice in Germany, Thomas Weidlich, Anagha Deodhar, Senior Economist at India's largest private bank ICICI, gave an overview of the current economic situation in India and ventured forecasts for the Indian economy. The bank anticipates double-digit economic growth in the coming years - driven in particular by rising consumption by a growing middle class and government investment in infrastructure. Modi's re-election and its impact on the country's future were the subject of controversial debate among the participants and speakers.  

In the first workshop "Establishing and Running a Business in India", our India Team colleagues Thomas Weidlich, Pramod Kumar Chaubey from our office in Delhi-Gurugram and Amrit Grewal explained the legal framework for foreign investments in India. In the second workshop, Pratik Agarwal and Himanshu Singh from the corporate banking team of ICICI Bank in Frankfurt shared their experiences with the “Regulatory Challenges of Cross-border Capital Transfers”. In the third workshop, Philipp Dietz, Pramod Kumar Chaubey and Amrit Grewal gave an update on relevant “Legal and Regulatory Issues for Companies Operating in India”.

The participants, who had travelled from all over Germany, engaged in a lively exchange with the speakers on specific issues and shared their experiences of doing business on the Indian market.

In the evening, the workshop participants met the Indian Consul General B. S. Mubarak and the co-organisers, sponsors and speakers of the full-day event the next day at a jovial get-together with a barbecue on the roof terrace of our office in Cologne.