Complex Disputes

It is well known that the best litigation is the one that never starts.  That is why it often makes sense to find an amicable settlement of business conflicts.  However, should a legal dispute be unavoidable in order to enforce your rights and claims or to ward off unjustified claims, our experts can advise you.  As in order to succeed at court or at an arbitral tribunal it requires experience and know-how.  Especially in complex court and arbitral proceedings, this does not only mean convincingly representing a legal opinion that is favourable for the client. Of equal importance is the efficient and strategic management of the proceedings as well as the ability to keep an eye on the essentials in order to present the key points of the dispute in an understandable manner, even in complex situations.

Complexity can arise from the large number of parties to a dispute (e.g. in construction disputes), a large number of parallel proceedings (mass proceedings), the complicated interaction of legal norms from very different fields of law, large amounts of data or a large number of witnesses and experts (e.g. in investment disputes). Thanks to our many years of experience with complex disputes, we have comprehensive expertise in this area.

If in cross-border cases foreign law is also important in countries where we do not have our own office, we can call in renowned colleagues from our partner law firms. If required, we can also put you in touch with experienced communications consultants who can deal with issues relevant to the press. We also know how to handle large amounts of data: we evaluate these efficiently with software solutions or, if necessary, with the help of external data service providers.

If your complex dispute is to be settled before a national or international arbitral tribunal, our specialists in national and international arbitral  proceedings are at your disposal.


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