Data Protection, Antitrust & Compliance

Industry 4.0, Big Data, Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing or social media: personal data and the usage of personal data have become the most important element of many business models. This means that companies need to find their way around the conflict between their business interests and the legal requirements by ensuring their data protection is very well organised. In today's business world, compliance with the statutory provisions and internal company guidelines is becoming increasingly important. The persons responsible are not only required by law to ensure that there are no violations of the law from within the company. Business partners, customers and staff members also expect the company to conduct itself in a legally compliant manner, both internally and externally. It is not without reason that companies view compliance and data protection as important areas of risk management which are relevant from an economic, legal and tax perspective. This not only relates to the protection of trade and business secrets, know-how or critical data, but also and, in particular, to the protection of any personal data belonging to customers, service providers or staff members that is processed by the company itself or by third parties in a national or international environment.

Luther can provide comprehensive advice on data protection law to national and international companies and internal data protection officers. Luther can also advise on organising data protection when using new technologies and provide assistance with data protection impact assessments. Our team provides advice on all aspects of employee data protection, transactional advice or data exchange in a global environment, on questions relating to electronic documents and their archiving, IT security and IT compliance as well as antitrust compliance.

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