State, Administration, Public Undertakings

The public sector and its undertakings participate in many different ways in economic life. They are subject to special regulations as to their organisation and actions and place the highest demands on competent legal advice. Luther can provide advice that hits the mark, in all relevant areas of law.

As one of Germany’s largest commercial law firms, we benefit from our colleagues’ extensive expertise, which we have used to put together a team of specialists to advise the public sector in the relevant special fields. In particular, our Public Services team has a wealth of experience in procedural law and in structuring transactions, gained from many years of practical client work and from research and in-depth studies in the relevant specialist areas of law. The members of the team collaborate closely across locations and disciplines, which allows them to provide solutions from the entire range of public commercial law, the law governing public security and order and all special subjects. The result is efficient, tailor-made structuring solutions that hit the mark.

Our clients include the federal government, the German states, municipalities, and chambers, as well as their undertakings

Our Range of Advisory Services
  • Municipal Law and Municipal Business Law
  • Civil Service Law (and Law Governing Judges)
  • Professional Law, including Professional Jurisdiction
  • Organisation Law
  • University Law, including University Medicine
  • State Liability Law
  • Police Law and Law Governing Public Security and Order
  • Constitutional Law and Constitutional Procedural Law
  • Administrative Procedural Law and Mediation
  • Privatisations
  • Gambling Law
  • Fiscal Law
  • Environment & Planning Law, Regulatory
  • Public Private Partnership


09.11.2021 Blog
„Die Innenstadt von Morgen – ein Spiegelbild des mittelalterlichen Marktplatzes“

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Key Contact

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