Andreas Tüxen, LL.M. (American University / WCL)

Andreas Tüxen, LL.M. (American University / WCL)

Andreas Tüxen, LL.M. (American University / WCL)


T +49 30 52133 16258

Notar mit Amtssitz in Berlin
Fachanwalt für Handels- und Gesellschaftsrecht
Settori economici Information Tech & Telecommunications

Areas of practice

Andreas Tüxen provides advice on general company law (corporations and partnerships) and represents clients in (legal) disputes between shareholders or partners.

Andreas Tüxen specialises in advising on the sale and purchase of companies and shares in companies, the incorporation of companies and the reorganisation of companies and groups. Another focus of his work is providing legal advice to business founders and investors with regard to financing and their joining and leaving a company.

In addition to recording deeds for private persons, Andreas Tüxen in his capacity as a civillaw notary is primarily engaged in drafting contracts and in officially recording share purchase agreements, real estate transactions and property and apartment purchase agreements, the formation and restructuring of companies (especially by way of a merger, division, or change of legal form), and company agreements.

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Andreas Tüxen studied law in Passau, Germany, and in Melbourne, Australia. After his first state exam, Andreas Tüxen received his LL.M. in international commercial law from the American University in Washington, D.C., USA. After completing his traineeship in Berlin, Germany, which included secondments to several international law firms, he joined Luther in 2005. Andreas Tüxen has been an assistant lecturer at the University of Potsdam, Germany since 2011 and a German civil-law notary since 2015.

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