Notarial Services

In our offices in Berlin, Essen, Frankfurt am Main and Hannover, we have civil-law notaries who, together with their specially qualified support staff, cover the entire range of notarial services.

In Germany, many legal acts need to be officially recorded by a publicly appointed civil-law notary in order to become valid. All the notaries who work in our offices are also German lawyers and normally still practice as such and, therefore, have a wealth of practical experience which they can draw upon when providing notarial services. While our notaries’ main tasks are to draft and officially record legal acts, they also perform a large number of other tasks, from the simple authentication of signatures or certification of copies to the performance of judicial tasks, such as recording applications for certificates of inheritance. The latter includes in particular advising the parties involved with a view to finding the right solution that takes the interests of all parties into account. Ultimately, whether the parties involved are satisfied often depends on whether their officially recorded declarations are implemented quickly and smoothly. For this purpose, the notaries in all our offices are supported by specially trained and qualified staff.

Our notaries are there to help you if you need assistance with, for example, the formation of companies, corporate transformations, or amendments to articles of association. In the area of real estate and property law, they are familiar with all the requirements that need to be taken into account in connection with property purchase, development, and handover agreements or the creation and cancellation of land charges.

Another area where our notaries provide comprehensive services is family and inheritance law and successions – for example, when it comes to drawing up prenuptial or postnuptial agreements, agreements regarding the apportionment of assets and liabilities or durable powers of attorney which allow an agent to handle the affairs of a principal if the latter becomes incapacitated, drafting wills for private persons or entrepreneurs and/or contracts of inheritance, or assisting with the conclusion of partition agreements among co-heirs.

Please do not hesitate to contact our notaries regarding any national or international matters that require notarial services. All our notaries record deeds in German and English, some of them can also record in French or Swedish.

Our services include, without limitation:

Corporate law
  • Assisting with the formation of partnerships and corporations, such as German limited liability companies (GmbH), German stock corporations (AG) or European companies (SE), applying for registration of German limited partnerships (KG) and carrying out other notifications to the commercial register
  • Drafting articles of association, partnership agreements and shareholders’ or partners’ resolutions (for example, to amend the articles of association or the partnership agreement, relocate the registered office, or open and close branches)
  • Officially recording the minutes of general meetings or other shareholders’ or partners’ meetings
  • Drafting company purchase agreements (asset deals or share deals)
  • Assisting with structural corporate measures and corporate actions, e.g. capital increases or transformations, such as mergers, divisions, changes of legal form
  • Drafting control and profit and loss transfer agreements
  • Drafting rules for the pledging of shares
  • Advising on property succession and business succession
Real estate and property law
  • Structuring property/apartment purchase and handover agreements (asset deals and share deals)
  • Drafting development contracts and other agreements regarding the acquisition of land with an obligation to build
  • Assisting with the creation and cancellation of land charges
  • Assisting with the granting of rights of usufruct, easements and rights of first refusal
  • Drafting division declarations for the creation of apartment ownership and part ownership
  • Drafting agreements regarding heritable building rights
Family law
  • Drafting prenuptial/postnuptial agreements (in particular, agreements regarding marital property rights, maintenance and pension rights adjustments, agreements with an international dimension, agreements in relation to the law governing legal portions)
  • Drafting separation and divorce settlement agreements, apportionment of assets and liabilities
  • Drafting declarations of joint custody, durable powers of attorney allowing an agent to handle the affairs of a principal if the latter becomes incapacitated, and living wills
Inheritance law
  • Drafting wills and contracts of inheritance
  • Assisting with arrangements regarding anticipated succession and waiver of legal portions
  • Drafting partition agreements among co-heirs