Critical for the success of innovative business models is an agile and digital infrastructure that enables the company to use technological levers profitably. Particularly in recent years, these new technologies have forced companies in all industries to take a critical look at their processes, organisations or IT architecture. Platforms and communities, the Internet of Things (IoT), 5G, Big Data and the opportunities associated with such or the developments in the area of artificial intelligence require a solid, secure and agile IT infrastructure as well as the corresponding agreements and licences with business partners and customers.

Cloud computing as a core enabler not only places high demands on the architecture and organisation of an enterprise, but also on security and data protection. IT sourcing as well as outsourcing are often projects that have a far-reaching impact on business processes and architectures. In addition, questions arise regarding software and licences or broadband expansion and 5G as current topics of the digital value chain.

Luther advises on all legal issues relating to the digital infrastructure of companies. We can assist you with the preparation and negotiation of agreements, such as software licences, ASP or SaaS agreements as well as other cloud computing agreements. As part of IT outsourcing projects, we can advise and accompany the whole process, from the requirement assessment, the invitation to tender up to and including the drafting and negotiation of agreements. When advising you, our experts will take into account in particular any employment and licensing law issues, IT security and data protection aspects, as well as, if necessary, regulatory requirements.

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