Artificial Intelligence &
Big Data

Artificial intelligence is one of the driving technologies when it comes to enabling a variety of new products and services: robo-advisors, autonomous vehicles, drones and digital health care products are only some of the applications that are currently being developed. From a legal perspective, this subject is still in its infancy. Liability issues can be covered under the existing legal framework, but involve a number of problems relating to providing proof. Similarly unclear is what requirements these new products and services must meet in order to be approved for the market in Germany or Europe. Artificial intelligence needs data - this data and information is frequently referred to as the raw material of the 21st century.  With the help of AI or Big Data analyses, new insight can be gained from this pool of information: but the question often arises as to whether the data and information used may also be used for these purposes. In this regard, however, it is not only relevant to obtain data and information. Instead, it must also be ensured that no information is accidentally disclosed that was not intended for disclosure.

Our lawyers can advise and support you in all aspects of this still very new area of law and help you to put the essential aspects into the right context and to understand them. We can assist you with the legal design of new data-based business models, legal issues regarding information procurement and data analysis as well as scoring and valuation models. We can also provide sound expertise and advise on all legal topics in the innovative areas of UAVs (Drones) & Robotics, Mobility & Autonomous Driving or E-health.

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