26.10.2022 // online // Vortrag

ICC Arbitration Forum I „Arbitration in Supply Chains & Human Rights“

Further Information

Supply bottlenecks, interrupted supply chains and price adjustments are just some of the causes that lead to disputes in international business. Arbitration is a common tool when disputes arise in supply chains. These are particularly complex and often require quick cross-border solutions. In this workshop, experts will give advice on how to handle supply chain proceedings more efficiently and how to keep an eye on the essentials amidst the perceived chaos of clauses, parties and jurisdictions. Panellists in this workshop will also discuss the use of arbitration in disputes related to business and human rights.

More details will follow soon!

Please follow the website https://www.iccgermany.de/event/icc-arbitration-forum for more information.


External Speaker

Oliver Wieck, Secretary General, ICC Germany

*representative of German business association (tbc)

*business representative (tbc)