• Gut zu sehen, was schon geschafft ist. Besser zu wissen was noch vor uns liegt.
  • Präzision, perfektes Timing und der Blick für das Wesentliche.
  • Im richtigen Moment das Richtige tun. Das unterscheidet die Besten von den Guten.
  • Ziele erreichen mit einem zuverlässigen Partner an der Seite.


Welcome to Luther’s

Start Up Conference Berlin – Volume 5

Venture Capital and its recent developments in Germany


For further details to the conference and the opportunity to pitch before the VC investors on the morning of January 31st, 2019, please refer to the links below.


Welcome and Introduction:

  • Andreas Tüxen (Attorney/Notary, Luther, Berlin)
  • York von Massenbach (Attorney, Luther, London)


  • Marcus König (Investment Manager, signals Venture Capital)
  • Rolf-Dieter Lafrenz (Founder and CEO of Cargonexx GmbH)
  • Axel Nitsch (Senior Investment Manager, High-Tech Gründerfonds)
  • Ana Maria Quijano-Wittemann (Investment Director, GPS Ventures)
  • Tim Ankers (Principal, Scottish Equity Partners)
  • Christian Knott (Partner, Capnamic Ventures)
  • Dr. Tim P. Jungblut (Venture Partner, Idinvest Partners)
  • Kjartan Rist (Partner, Concentric)


  • Fabian Mimberg (Attorney, Luther, Cologne)
  • Andreas Tüxen (Attorney/Notary, Luther, Berlin)



We are looking forward to meeting you!

For any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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