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Newsletter: Singapur

1. Quartal 2019
Newsflash Singapore: The Not Ordinarily Resident Scheme – a Singapore tax concession for foreigners
1. Quartal 2019
Singapore News Upcoming Changes to Singapore's Employment Law
2. Quartal 2018
Increased employee protection and tightened immigration rules – A Singapore update
4. Quartal 2017
Singapore News - Singapore Transfer Pricing Profile - Published By The OECD

Following the revision of the Transfer Pricing Guidelines published by the OECD resulting from the Base Erosion Profit Shifting – “Beps” – Project, many countries have reflected the new changes in their respective domestic laws.

The OECD has conducted a survey of the changes among 31 countries by way of a questionnaire. Participant countries have filled out the questionnaire on a voluntarily basis and returned it to the OECD for publication.

Based on it, the OECD has published a per-country profile reflecting the current countries’ domestic legislation regarding transfer pricing.

We have reproduced hereafter the transfer pricing profile of Malaysia as published in October 2017 by the OECD.

3. Quartal 2017
Stricter enforcement of tax residency requirements by IRAS
2. Quartal 2017
Singapore News - Singapore-Thailand Revised Tax Treaty And Protocol Enter Into Force
2. Quartal 2017
Singapore News - Personal Data Protection in Singapore - Duties and Obligations
1. Quartal 2017
Singapore News - Budget 2017 - Overview of Tax Changes
1. Quartal 2017
Indonesia News - New Transfer Pricing Documentation Requirements in Indonesia
1. Quartal 2017
Singapore News - Employment Law 1/2017
1. Quartal 2017
Singapore News - India and Singapore signed third protocol to DTT
3. Quartal 2016
Singapore News 7/2016
2. Quartal 2016
Singapur News 4/2016
3. Quartal 2015
Amendments to the Companies Act in Singapore coming into force on 1 July 2015