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Newsletter: Malaysia

2. Quartal 2019
Malaysia News: Transfer pricing documentation requirements in Malaysia
1. Quartal 2019
New minimum requirements for Labuan companies to enjoy Labuan tax rates and limitation of tax deductions on payments to Labuan companies
4. Quartal 2018
Malaysia News: SOCSO for foreign workers
4. Quartal 2018
Malaysia News: Malaysia’s Budget 2019 – Tax Highlights
4. Quartal 2018
Malaysia News: Malaysia Introduces “Special Voluntary Disclosure Program”
4. Quartal 2018
Malaysia News: Personal Data Protection Update Breach Notification
3. Quartal 2018
Amendment to the Malaysian Anti- Corruption Commission Act 2009
3. Quartal 2018
Malaysia News: Update on Malaysia Anti-Profiteering Regulations 2018
3. Quartal 2018
Malaysia News: Supplementary Notice No 4 – Enhancement of Foreign Exchange Administration Policies
3. Quartal 2018
Malaysia News: Malaysian Sales and Services Tax ("SST") Update
3. Quartal 2018
Malaysia News: The Inland Revenue Board (“IRB”) has recently published the final list of reportable jurisdictions for 2018 financial reporting
2. Quartal 2018
Malaysia News: Towards the Introduction of the GST on the Foreign Supplied Digital Services?
2. Quartal 2018
Malaysia News: Malaysia takes a hard turn on corruption
1. Quartal 2018
Malaysia News European Travel Information Authorisation System (ETIAS)
4. Quartal 2017
Malaysia News - Social Security: Implementation of an Employment Insurance System (EIS)

In response to a significant rise in the number of retrenchments over the past years, the government announced several months ago its intent to introduce a new scheme in order to improve the protection of retrenched employees. The Employment Insurance System (“EIS”) Bill 2017 was finally passed on 25 October 2017. It provides retrenched employees with new benefits by implementing financial aid for retrenched employees and additional support in job’s search, which will be financed by a new social contribution. This new scheme will be managed by the Social Security Organisation (short “SOCSO”) and is expected to come into force on 1 January 2018.

4. Quartal 2017
Malaysia News - Malaysia Transfer Pricing Profile - Published By The OECD

Following the revision of the Transfer Pricing Guidelines published by the OECD resulting from the Base Erosion Profit Shifting – “Beps” – Project, many countries have reflected the new changes in their respective domestic laws.

The OECD has conducted a survey of the changes among 31 countries by way of a questionnaire. Participant countries have filled out the questionnaire on a voluntarily basis and returned it to the OECD for publication.

Based on it, the OECD has published a per-country profile reflecting the current countries’ domestic legislation regarding transfer pricing.

We have reproduced hereafter the transfer pricing profile of Malaysia as published in October 2017 by the OECD.

4. Quartal 2017
Update on audit requirements: qualifying criteria for exemption from audit requirements
4. Quartal 2017
Malaysia’s Budget 2018 – Tax Highlights
4. Quartal 2017
Malaysia News - Update on withholding tax: exemption for offshore services
3. Quartal 2017
Malaysia News - Employment Insurance System Bill 2017
2. Quartal 2017
Malaysia News - Malaysia Temporarily Reduces Corporate Income Tax Rate
1. Quartal 2017
Malaysia News - Malaysia Enacts Finance Act 2017 – Expanded Scope of Withholding Tax
4. Quartal 2016
Malaysia News: Foreign Currency Restrictions for Resident Exporters in Malaysia
4. Quartal 2016
Malaysia News: Luther in Malaysia

Corporate Services and Legal Advice- especially in Asia - are more than explaining the system to you. We are here to do more. We make a true effort to understand your business. We devise and help you to implement legal and tax structures that work and let you focus on being successful in the world’s most dynamic region.

4. Quartal 2016
Malaysia News 2/2016
  • Update on Immigration Matters
  • Upcoming Effects of the Companies Act 2015
1. Quartal 2016
Malaysia News 1/2016

Malaysia’s Budget 2016 - Tax Highlights

The Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, YAB Dato’ Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak handed down his Budget 2016 on October 23. The Budget 2016 aims at enhancing the competitiveness of Malaysia’s economy by increasing productivity, innovation and green technology. Besides, some measures are implemented in order to empower human capital, and to ease the cost of living of the Rakyat.
The following measures are most noteworthy from an international tax perspective: