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Newsletter: EU Law News

4. Quartal 2014
EU Law News September/October 2014
  • The new Competition Commissioner
  • Canada and the EU Trade Agreement
  • Dawn raids and human rights
  • ECJ and MasterCard ruling
  • Energy and climate targets for 2030
3. Quartal 2014
EU Law News July/August 2014
  • EU launches WTO negotiations on environmental trade agreement
  • ECJ ruling prompts damage claims against cartels
  • Google implements “right to be forgotten"
  • Three producers of canned mushrooms fined €32m in cartel settlement
  • European Commission cuts EU roaming costs
  • Marine Harvest fined €20m for taking control of Morpol without prior EU merger clearance
2. Quartal 2014
EU Law News May/June 2014
  • EU and Russia begin disputes at WTO level
  • Commission releases state aid rules for energy and the environment
  • China and EU negotiators finalise mutual recognition agreement
  • ECJ rules that Data Retention Directive is no longer valid
  • Producers of high voltage cables fined €302m for cartel behaviour
  • Antitrust action against Motorola and Samsung over Apple injunctions
2. Quartal 2014
EU Law News March/April 2014
  • Romanian power company fined for abuse of a dominant position
  • Commission proposes stronger cooperation with non-EU countries to combat VAT fraud
  • Producers of foam for mattresses, sofas and car seats fined €114m in cartel settlement
  • European Court of Justice permits blocking of copyright-infringing websites
  • Visa agrees to cap transaction fees
  • Agreement for EU Emissions Trading Scheme to exempt non-EU airlines
1. Quartal 2014
EU Law News January/February 2014
  • Interest derivatives cartel fined €1.71bn
  • Auditing regulation finalized by EU Member States
  • Commission proposes common approach to violations of EU Customs Law
  • Commission introduces merger simplification package
  • European Commission announces 2030 climate and energy goals
  • EU requests WTO consultations over Brazil’s discriminatory taxes
4. Quartal 2013
EU Law News November/December 2013
  • Progress made on several EU bilateral trade agreements
  • Standard VAT Return format introduced by Commission
  • Debt write-off for Slovakian wine producer ruled incompatible with EU state aid rules
  • Far-reaching telecoms market reform
  • Commission proposes to apply ETS only to European regional airspace
  • Modernisation of Professional Qualifications Directive
4. Quartal 2013
EU Law News September/October 2013
  • EU brings first WTO case against Russia
  • Wire harness manufacturers fined €141.8m for cartel behaviour
  • Commission tables proposals to reduce fees from credit and debit card transactions
  • Greece referred to ECJ for failure to recover incompatible state aid in two cases
  • Proposal to create a Single Resolution Mechanism for failing banks
  • EU-Colombia Free Trade Agreement takes effect
3. Quartal 2013
EU Law News July/August 2013
  • EU-China solar trade dispute escalates
  • New EU accounting rules to reduce administrative burden for small companies
  • Commission proposes rules for compensation of cartel victims
  • UK referred to European Court of Justice over labour restrictions
  • Pharmaceutical companies fined €146m for delaying market entry of generic medicines
  • Croatia becomes 28th Member of European Union, while Latvia is given green light to adopt Euro in 2014
  • €70.2bn ring-fenced after trilogue agreement on Horizon 2020Newsletter
2. Quartal 2013
EU Law News March/April 2013
  • EU imposes Financial Transaction Tax and restrictions on bankers’ bonuses
  • Ryanair-Aer Lingus merger blocked by European Commission
  • UK “Green Deal” referred to European courts over reduced VAT rate
  • Single European Patent formally signed
  • Negotiations to be launched on EU-US Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership
  • WTO concludes that China’s anti-dumping duties on EU scanners were illegally imposed
  • Update: European Commission fines Microsoft for non-compliance with browser choice commitments
2. Quartal 2013
EU Law News May/June 2013
  • Commission to modernise EU Trade Defence Instruments
  • The Netherlands told to end selective tax exemption for public companies
  • Commission to investigate MasterCard over inter-bank fees
  • Commission package to modernise EU Trademark System
  • ECJ concludes that work contracts with language bias infringe the free movement of workers
  • Negotiations launched for EU-Japan Free Trade Agreement
1. Quartal 2013
EU Law News January/February 2013
  • TV and Computer Monitor Tubes Cartel dealt record €1.47bn fine by Commission
  • Commission accepts legally binding commitments from Apple and four international publishers for sale of e-books
  • Commission rules Italian State aid to ground handling operator SEA Handling to be unlawful
  • EU challenges Argentinian import restrictions through WTO
  • Commission sends Statement of Objections to Samsung over misuse of mobileessential patents
  • New EU legislation adopted on bilateral investment treaties (BITs)
4. Quartal 2012
EU Law News November/December 2012
  • Google told to change privacy policy by EU data regulators
  • ECJ confrms passenger rights for figth cancellations
  • UK Green Investment Bank adjudged compilement with EU state aid rules
  • Microsoft sent Statement of Objections by European Commission over failure to implement Internet browser comittments
  • European Commission Investigates Italian tax reductions in areas affected by natural disasters
3. Quartal 2012
EU Law News September/October 2012
  • European Commission investigates alleged Chinese dumping of Solar Panels in Europe
  • LIBOR manipulations provoke EU regulatory change
  • European Commission targets a “Federation of Nation States”
  • Agreement to foster EU-US transatlantic SME cooperation
  • European Commission opens anti-trust case against Gazprom
3. Quartal 2012
EU Law News July/August 2012
  • EU files suit against Argentinian import restrictions with WTO
  • MasterCard loses challenge to EU ban on cross-border fees
  • Producers of water management products fined €13m in cartel settlement
  • Commission adopts rules on national support for industry electricity costs affected by ETS
  • Priorities for the Cyprus Presidency of the Council of the European Union
2. Quartal 2012
EU Law News May/June 2012
  • European Commission pushes reciprocity in third-party public procurement markets
  • European Commission launches modernisation effort for state aid controls
  • Long road ahead for the Anti-counterfeiting Trade Agreement
  • EU and US agree to recognise each other's "safe traders"
  • Commission fines window mounting cartel
2. Quartal 2012
EU Law News March/April 2012
  • EU issues second WTO challenge against China's export restrictions on raw materials
  • Europe's aviation companies complain about carbon tax
  • ECJ rules that social networks cannot stop its users from downloading songs illegally
  • EC opens in-depth state aid investigation into air transport sector in Germany and Austria
  • Microsoft attacks Motorola's distortive patent pricing
1. Quartal 2012
EU Law News January/February 2012
  • Commission opens formal antitrust proceedings to investigate sales of e-books
  • ECJ Advocate General delivers opinion that functionalities of computer programs are not covered by European copyright
  • ECJ rules taxes designed to help offshore companies avoid tax constitute state aid
  • Priorities of Danish EU Presidency
  • Greek farmers must return €425m in subsidies
4. Quartal 2011
EU Law News September/October 2011
  • EC questions France about possible state aid to Agence France Presse
  • Commission reports increased interception of fake products
  • Commission opens investigation into possible UK state aid to Royal Mail
  • Commission approves temporary Spanish restriction on free movement of Romanian workers
  • European Court of Justice rules that honey containing GMOs, even unintentionally, must be regarded as food produced from a GMO
3. Quartal 2011
EU Law News July/August 2011
  • New food labelling laws adopted by European Parliament
  • Commission proposes increased competition for mobile roaming
  • WTO panel ruling against China's export restrictions on raw materials
  • Priorities of Polish Presidency
  • Applicants for leniency in competition cases fear disclosure after ECJ ruling
  • Launch of EU Budget 2014 - 2020 discussions
2. Quartal 2011
EU Law News May/June 2011
  • EU claims some victory despite WTO Appellate Body ruling that Airbus received illegal subsidies; Panel report finds that Boeing also received illegal subsidies
  • European Commission investigates investment banks on antitrust allegations
  • European Court of Justice rules same-sex couples must be treated equally to married couples for pension entitlements
  • European Union to reform Generalised System of Preferences
  • Landmark judgment on access to whistle-blowers' files
1. Quartal 2011
EU Law News March/April 2011
  • EU anti-dumping duties overturned for lack of explanation of a cost adjustment
  • Commission sets out roadmap to 2050 for a low-carbon economy
  • Court of Justice rules insurance premiums based on gender unlawful
  • German airports may be liable to airlines for illegal state aid
4. Quartal 2010
EU Law News November/December 2010
  • New rules about "made in" labels
  • New strategy to tighten EU data protection rules
  • Commission presents Energy 2020
  • New rules for hedge funds agreed
4. Quartal 2010
EU Law News September/October 2010
  • The EU's great challenges
  • Court finally rules in favor of Deutsche Post
  • New financial supervision system approved
  • Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement closer to finalization
3. Quartal 2010
EU Law News July/August 2010
  • Council adopts restrictions on EU bank supervisors
  • Commission proposes to revise existing gas supply legislation
  • Commission approves of joint venture between British Airways, American Airlines and Iberia
  • New EU Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) proposals
  • Commission reports on key barriers to efficient and fairer retail services
2. Quartal 2010
EU Law News May/June 2010
  • European Commission adopts several decisions in major energy sector competition inquiries
  • New regulation for distribution of goods and services
  • ECOFIN decides on highly disputed measures to restore confidence in Euro to alleviate solvency problems
  • Agreement on EU hedge fund rules closer
1. Quartal 2010
EU Law News January/February 2010
  • EU Presideny
  • Internal Market
  • Trade
  • State Aid
  • Competition
4. Quartal 2009
EU Law News Edition 18: November/December 2009
  • Lisbon Treaty
  • Competition
  • Competition
  • Media
  • State Aid
  • Financial Services
3. Quartal 2009
EU Law News Edition 17: September/October 2009
  • Defense and security procurement 
  • World Trade Organisation
  • State Aid
  • Competition Policy
  • VAT News
  • Merger
3. Quartal 2009
EU Law News Edition 16: July/August 2009
  • Pharmaceutical sector under scrutiny
  • Restriction of parallel trade
  • Strengthening energy consumers´protection
  • EU rules on the size and shape of fruit and vegetables
  • Analysis of state aid based on State Aid Action Plan
2. Quartal 2009
EU Law News Edition 15: Mai/June 2009
  • Strengthening Investor Protection
  • Changes in Roaming Rules Take Effect
  • Unbundling the Internal Energy Market 
  • ECJ Decision on Trade Marks
  • Regulation of Credit Rating Agencies
  • Coss-Border Payments and E-Money 

1. Quartal 2009
EU Law News Edition 14: March/April 2009

Edition 14: March/April 2009

  • Supervision of Financial Services Sector
  • Mobile Phone and Telecoms Prices
  • Employment Law on Retirement Age
  • Cross-border Barriers to Online Shopping
  • Monitoring the 2004 Microsoft Decision
  • State Aid to the Banking Sector
1. Quartal 2009
EU Law News Januar/Februar 2009 (english Version)

Edition 13: Januar/Februar 2009

  • Liberalisation of Postal Services
  • Unannounced Anti-trust Inspections
  • German Loans Pass State Aid Test
  • Accelerated Public Procurement Process
  • Moves Towards Global Banking Reform
  • EU Electricity Network Established
4. Quartal 2008
EU Law News November/Dezember 2008 (english Version)

Edition 12: November/Dezember 2008

  • Rescuing the Banking Sector
  • State Aid for Public Broadcasters
  • Tougher Approach to Merger Control
  • Telecoms Reform Package
  • More Vigorous Anti-trust Enforcement
4. Quartal 2008
EU Law News September/October 2008 (english Version)

Edition 11: September/October 2008

  • EU Presses for Solvency II Directive
  • Inconclusive Verdict on GSK Case
  • Google-Yahoo Deal under Scrutiny
  • Commission Approves Sony Acquisition
  • No Damages for Blocked Merger
  • Implementation of Internal Market Law
3. Quartal 2008
EU Law News July/ August 2008 (english Version)

Edition 10: July/August 2008

  • New co-operation programmes to improve relations
  • Nine referrals to the European Court of Justice (ECJ)
  • Proposed directive on cross-border patient mobility
  • Infringement procedures against Belgium, France, Ireland
  • Nokia purchase of NAVTEQ is approved
  • France and Spain agree on electric power link
  • Rescue plans for Gdynia, Gdansk and Szczecin
2. Quartal 2008
EU Law News May/June 2008 (english Version)

Edition 9: May/June 2008

  • Compensating victims of competition law violations
  • WTO rules against the EU in banana dispute
  • Staying connected while airborne
  • Abuse of dominant position by pharmaceutical company
  • Public access to EC documents
  • Transparency and Company Law Directives
1. Quartal 2008
EU Law News March/ April 2008 (english Version)

Edition 8: March/ April 2008

  • Climate Change Plan
  • Takeovers and Protectionism
  • Food Labelling
  • International Trade
  • State Aid
  • Health Care
1. Quartal 2008
EU Law News January/ February 2008 (english Version)

Edition 7: January/ February 2008

  • Slovenia’s EU Presidency
  • Enlargement of the Schengen Zone
  • Fostering Innovation
  • Pharmaceutical Sector Study
  • Downloading Music
  • International Trade Negotiations
4. Quartal 2007
EU Law News November/ December 2007 (english Version)

Edition 6: November/ December 2007

  • Settlement Procedure for Cartels
  • Investment Services
  • Merger Control: Danone Numico
  • EU-Russia Relations
  • Company Law Update
  • EU-US Developments
3. Quartal 2007
EU Law News September/ October 2007 (english Version)

Edition 5: September / October 2007

  • Telecommunications and Energy Proposals
  • Jurisdiction in Merger Control
  • Simplifying EU Rules
  • Financial Markets
  • International Developments
2. Quartal 2007
EU Law News July/ August 2007 (english Version)

Edition 4: July/ August 2007

  • Reform Treaty Agreed at European Summit
  • Telefónica: dominant position
  • Audiovisual Media Services Without Frontiers
  • EU Health Strategy
  • Endesa Merger Approved
  • EU-US: Cosmetics and Medical Devices
1. Quartal 2007
EU Law News May/ June 2007 (english Version)

May/ June 2007

  • Communication on Patents
  • Anti-trust: Global Co-ordination
  • Transatlantic Deal
  • Proposed EU Budget 2008
  • Financial Services
1. Quartal 2007
EU Law News March/ April 2007 (english Version)

March/ April 2007

  • European Council Results
  • Open Skies – EU-US Agreement
  • Competition Policy – Private Actions
  • Financial Services – Progress Report
  • Competition Law – Record Fines
1. Quartal 2007
EU Law News January/ February 2007 (english Version)

January/February 2007

  • German Presidency
  • Customs and Trade Facilitation
  • Anti-dumping Review
  • Competition Law – Leniency Notice
  • Sustainable Energy