LUTHER Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH - Myanmar{$baseUrl}LUTHER Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH - Myanmarde-deLUTHER Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH - Myanmar{$baseUrl}Myanmar News November 2019Update on Tax Exemptions for Development Projects

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Memo Employment Law in Myanmar October 2019 05.11.2019 {$baseUrl}/index.php?id=77 05.11.2019Myanmar News New Companies Law (2017) {$baseUrl}uploads/tx_fwluther/News-Alert_Companies_Law_in_Myanmar.pdf {$baseUrl}/index.php?id=81 17.08.2018Myanmar News: New Terms & Conditions for Retail / Wholesale Activities in Myanmar {$baseUrl}uploads/tx_fwluther/News-Alert_Wholesale___Retail_Trading_2018.pdf {$baseUrl}/index.php?id=81 16.07.2018Myanmar News: Tax Exemptions for Grant Aid and ODA Loan- Development ProjectsUpdate on Taxation of Development Projects]]> {$baseUrl}/index.php?id=81 11.06.2018Myanmar News - Myanmar Employment Law Myanmar employment law is governed by both old and new laws and regulations, as well as internal policies and practices of the Department of Labour of the Ministry of Labour, Immigration and Population (Ministry of Labour).]]> {$baseUrl}uploads/tx_fwluther/ME_Employment_Law_06_2018_v3.pdf {$baseUrl}/index.php?id=81 07.06.2018Myanmar News - New Minimum Wage in Myanmar {$baseUrl}uploads/tx_fwluther/ {$baseUrl}/index.php?id=81 28.05.2018Myanmar News - Import and Sale of Farm Equipment {$baseUrl}/index.php?id=81 24.11.2017Myanmar News - Changes for the Use of Free Trade/Consignment Warehouses in the Thilawa Special Economic Zone2. (Draft) Law Concerning - Registration of Deeds
3. (Draft) Tax Appeal Tribunal Law]]> {$baseUrl}/index.php?id=81 07.11.2017
Myanmar News - Stamp & Registration2. (Draft) Law Concerning - Registration of Deeds
3. (Draft) Tax Appeal Tribunal Law]]> {$baseUrl}/index.php?id=81 07.11.2017
Myanmar News - Extension of Visas & Long Term Stay Permits within MyanmarII. Wholesale and Retail Regulations]]> {$baseUrl}/index.php?id=81 07.11.2017Myanmar News - Update on the Liberalization of Trade Restrictions in MyanmarII. Wholesale and Retail Regulations]]> {$baseUrl}/index.php?id=81 07.11.2017Nouvelles d’AsieNouvelles règles s'agissant des documents comptables en ASEAN Les allégements fiscaux dont bénéficient Google, Starbucks et Apple sont sur les lèvres de tous. Afin de contrer ces schémas artificiels, l'OCDE a mis en place un groupe de travail en juillet 2013 pour élaborer des contre-mesures appropriées (« projet BEPS »). En 2016, plus des deux tiers des pays de l'ASEAN ont formulé leur accord sur ce projet.]]> {$baseUrl}/index.php?id=81 16.10.2017Myanmar News - New Employment Contract Template of the Department of LabourII. Employment and Skills Development Law (2013)
III. New Employment Contract Template
Your Contacts]]> {$baseUrl}/index.php?id=81 11.09.2017
Myanmar News - Notification No. 51/2017 on Withholding Tax {$baseUrl}/index.php?id=81 03.07.2017Myanmar News - Liberalization of Trade Restrictions in MyanmarII. Trade Restrictions
III. Liberalization of Trade
Annexes]]> {$baseUrl}/index.php?id=81 03.07.2017
Myanmar News - Labour Law, April 2017II. Draft Workplace Safety and Health Law
III. Draft Employment and Skill Development Rules
Annex - Unofficial English Translation of the Draft Workplace Safety and Health Law]]> {$baseUrl}/index.php?id=81 04.04.2017
Myanmar News: Tax Updates, 2017II. Union Tax Law, 2017
III. Draft Law Amending the Special Goods Tax Law
IV. Notification 6/2017 on Import of Goods]]> {$baseUrl}/index.php?id=81 29.03.2017
Myanmar News: Myanmar Investment Rules, 2017 {$baseUrl}/index.php?id=81 14.02.2017Myanmar News: Visa Regulations, Foreigners Law, Foreign Workers Law
  • New Visa Regulations
  • (Draft) Law Concerning Foreigners
  • (Draft) Foreign Worker Law
  • ]]> {$baseUrl}/index.php?id=81 02.01.2017
    Myanmar News: New policies for the occupation of residential premises by foreigners {$baseUrl}/index.php?id=81 28.10.2016Myanmar News: Stamp Duty reduction with effect from 1 October 2016 {$baseUrl}/index.php?id=81 28.10.2016Myanmar News: Trading in the construction sectorAfter several sector-specific relaxations of the Ministry of Commerce’s trade prohibition last year, the Ministry has recently issued Notification No. 56/2016 concerning the trade of construction materials.
    Notification 56/2016 on the import of construction materials
    Import and sale of heavy machinery
    Government of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar
    Ministry of Commerce
    Minister’s Office
    Notification No. 56/2016
    July 7, 2016

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    Myanmar News: Legal Update Q1/2016 30.03.2016 {$baseUrl}/index.php?id=77 30.03.2016Myanmar News: Grace Period for Late Payment of Stamp Duty until 31 March 2016On 16 January 2016, the Internal Revenue Department of the Ministry of Finance granted an exemption from such statutory fines for the late payment of stamp duty on deeds with the government, if the payment is done on or before 31 March 2016. By instruction dated 19 January 2016, said grace period was extended to also include deeds between private parties.]]> {$baseUrl}/index.php?id=81 25.01.2016Myanmar News: New Visa Regulations {$baseUrl}/index.php?id=81 25.01.2016Myanmar News: Updated drafts of the Companies Law and Investment Law {$baseUrl}/index.php?id=81 17.12.2015Myanmar News: Yangon Stock Exchange {$baseUrl}/index.php?id=81 15.12.2015Myanmar News: Trading of agricultural products and hospital equipment {$baseUrl}/index.php?id=81 26.11.2015Myanmar News: Update on Minimum Wage {$baseUrl}/index.php?id=81 07.09.2015Luther News - Myanmar - September 2015 - Ministry of Labour Notice {$baseUrl}/index.php?id=81 03.09.2015Luther News - Myanmar - August 2015 - DICA Notice {$baseUrl}/index.php?id=81 27.08.2015Luther News - Myanmar - August 2015 - Taxation of Housing Benefits {$baseUrl}/index.php?id=81 05.08.2015Luther News - Myanmar - July 2015 - Trading Activities in Special Economic ZonesOn 27 May 2015, the Management Committee of the Thilawa Special Economic Zone (“Thilawa SEZ”)  issued Instruction 2/2015, which provides for important changes in the policy on trading activities by foreign investors.Due to ministerial policy, foreign investors were so far not allowed to conduct any trading activities within the Republic of the Union of Myanmar. This general policy has been changed by Instruction 2/2015 (“Instruction on the Scope of “Trading” Activities Permitted for Investors in the Thilawa Special Economic Zone”) for investors in both the free zone and the promotion zone of Thilawa SEZ.]]> {$baseUrl}/index.php?id=81 20.07.2015Luther News - Myanmar - July 2015 - Severance Payments {$baseUrl}/index.php?id=81 14.07.2015Updated Draft of the Myanmar Companies Law 2015 03.07.2015 {$baseUrl}/index.php?id=77 03.07.2015