LUTHER Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH - Malaysia{$baseUrl}LUTHER Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH - Malaysiade-deLUTHER Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH - Malaysia{$baseUrl}Malaysia News: Personal Data ProtectionOver recent years, a trend towards greater awareness of data privacy and the security of personal data has been gaining momentum around the world. Fuelled by the rapidly growing importance of data for the global economy and the simultaneously rising number of data related scandals, citizens as well as authorities are becoming more conscious about data protection.

Given the importance of the matter, it is to be expected that the attention on personal data will grow in Malaysia as well, leading to generally greater awareness and stricter enforcement of the Personal Data Protection Act (the “PDPA”). Hence, the following newsletter will outline the current data protection regime in Malaysia and its core principles. It will then explain the obligations for businesses and finally it will suggest measures that ensure compliance with the PDPA.

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Malaysia changes trademark law and joins the Madrid System 04.10.2019 {$baseUrl}uploads/tx_fwluther/Newsflash_Trademark_Law_Malaysia_04102019_02.pdf {$baseUrl}/index.php?id=77 04.10.2019Malaysia News: Transfer pricing documentation requirements in Malaysia {$baseUrl}uploads/tx_fwluther/NL_Malaysia_Transfer_pricing_documentation_requirements.pdf {$baseUrl}/index.php?id=81 06.05.2019Malaysia News: Proposed amendments to employment law {$baseUrl}uploads/tx_fwluther/NL_Malaysia_Proposed_amendments_to_employment_law_final.pdf {$baseUrl}/index.php?id=81 07.02.2019New minimum requirements for Labuan companies to enjoy Labuan tax rates and limitation of tax deductions on payments to Labuan companies 23.01.2019 {$baseUrl}/index.php?id=77 23.01.2019Malaysia News: Important SST changes introduced in the Finance Act 2018 {$baseUrl}/index.php?id=81 17.01.2019Malaysia News: SOCSO for foreign workers {$baseUrl}uploads/tx_fwluther/NL_Malaysia_Sosco_Foreigners_01.pdf {$baseUrl}/index.php?id=81 30.11.2018Malaysia News: Malaysia’s Budget 2019 – Tax Highlights {$baseUrl}uploads/tx_fwluther/ {$baseUrl}/index.php?id=81 16.11.2018Malaysia News: Malaysia Introduces “Special Voluntary Disclosure Program” {$baseUrl}/index.php?id=81 12.11.2018Malaysia News: Personal Data Protection Update Breach Notification {$baseUrl}/index.php?id=81 05.10.2018Amendment to the Malaysian Anti- Corruption Commission Act 2009 {$baseUrl}/index.php?id=81 26.09.2018Malaysia News: Update on Malaysia Anti-Profiteering Regulations 2018 {$baseUrl}/index.php?id=81 12.09.2018Malaysia News: Supplementary Notice No 4 – Enhancement of Foreign Exchange Administration Policies {$baseUrl}/index.php?id=81 07.09.2018Malaysia News: Malaysian Sales and Services Tax ("SST") Update {$baseUrl}/index.php?id=81 15.08.2018Malaysia News: The Inland Revenue Board (“IRB”) has recently published the final list of reportable jurisdictions for 2018 financial reporting {$baseUrl}/index.php?id=81 13.07.2018Malaysia News: Towards the Introduction of the GST on the Foreign Supplied Digital Services? {$baseUrl}/index.php?id=81 10.04.2018Malaysia News: Malaysia takes a hard turn on corruptionMACC") is working on the introduction of new far-reaching corporateliability provisions into the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission Act 2009 (the "MAAC Act") in order to reinforce the country's anti-bribery legal arsenal. The amendments, set forth in the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (Amendment) Bill 2018 ("Bill"), have been presented in Parliament for first reading on 26 March 2018. If passed, the amendments will namely render corporations liable for the corrupt practices of its associated persons.]]> {$baseUrl}/index.php?id=81 10.04.2018Malaysia News European Travel Information Authorisation System (ETIAS)From 2020, individuals who currently enjoy visa-free travel to any country within the European Union Schengen Zone may firstly be required to apply for pre-approval via the European Travel Information Authorisation System (ETIAS). The current list of countries whose citizens enjoy such status includes Malaysia.

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Malaysia Update Tax - 01/2018 {$baseUrl}/index.php?id=81 25.01.2018Malaysia News - Social Security: Implementation of an Employment Insurance System (EIS) {$baseUrl}/index.php?id=81 07.12.2017Malaysia News - Malaysia Transfer Pricing Profile - Published By The OECD {$baseUrl}/index.php?id=81 05.12.2017Update on audit requirements: qualifying criteria for exemption from audit requirements {$baseUrl}/index.php?id=81 13.11.2017Malaysia’s Budget 2018 – Tax Highlights {$baseUrl}/index.php?id=81 09.11.2017Malaysia News - Update on withholding tax: exemption for offshore services {$baseUrl}/index.php?id=81 03.11.2017Malaysia News - Employment Insurance System Bill 2017 {$baseUrl}/index.php?id=81 31.08.2017Malaysia News - Malaysia Temporarily Reduces Corporate Income Tax RateAmongst others the following persons are considered as qualifying persons....]]> {$baseUrl}/index.php?id=81 19.05.2017Malaysia News - Malaysia Enacts Finance Act 2017 – Expanded Scope of Withholding Tax {$baseUrl}/index.php?id=81 21.02.2017Malaysia News: Foreign Currency Restrictions for Resident Exporters in Malaysia {$baseUrl}/index.php?id=81 08.12.2016Malaysia News: Luther in Malaysia {$baseUrl}/index.php?id=81 04.11.2016Malaysia News 2/2016
  • Update on Immigration Matters
  • Upcoming Effects of the Companies Act 2015
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    Malaysia News 1/2016The following measures are most noteworthy from an international tax perspective:]]> {$baseUrl}/index.php?id=81 05.01.2016Malaysia News 11/2015 {$baseUrl}/index.php?id=81 24.11.2015