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  • Editorial: BEPS and German elections ahead
  • Google held liable for ”autocomplete” function
  • German Foreign Trade and Payments Act revise
  • Discriminatory job advertisements may come costl
  • Insolvency related termination clauses are invali
  • Changes to German competition la
  • German Parliament approves Tax Act 2013
  • New Publications
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    German Law & Business News Q4/2012
  • EU Blue Card for qualified foreigner
  • German Corporate Governance Code revised: independence of supervisory members
  • German Tax Bill
  • European Court: Ad-Hoc Notification in a staggered process (“Daimler”)
  • Obligation of a managing director to constantly observe the company’s financial situation
  • The cross-border relocation of a German establishment to a foreign country can constitute a transfer of undertaking
  • Change of Legal Form within the EU (“VALE” and “National Grid Indus”)
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    German Law & Business News Q1/2012
  • On BaFin´s Watchlist: Do Not Become a Bank Without Banking License!
  • ESUG: On the Way to a New Insolvency Regime
  • Damages for Antitrust Infringements
  • Revised German Temporary Employment Act (AÜG/ Arbeitnehmerüberlassungsgesetz) Imposes new License Requirements
  • New Money Laundering Act Increases Obligations for Industry and Commerce
  • New Product Safety Law
  • Anti-Treaty-Shopping Rules Amended
  • Protection of Buyers of GmbH-Shares by Conditions Precedent in SPA

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    German Law & Business News Q2/2011
    • 1. Notarisation of a GmbH Share Transfer Abroad - yes, no, yes?!
    • 2. Online Participation in General Meetings of a German Stock Corporation
    • 3. Corporate Bonds: A New Financing Trend in Germany
    • 4. Tightening of Standards for Investment Products
    • 5. EU-wide Effectiveness of National Ban of a Community Trademark Infringement
    • 6. "Jesus loves you"
    • 7. Increase in German Real Estate Transfer Tax Rates
    • 8. German Tax Authorities Facilitate Intragroup Utilization of Tax Losses
    ]]> {$baseUrl}uploads/tx_fwluther/German_Law___Business_News_Q2-2011.pdf {$baseUrl}/index.php?id=81 01.04.2011German Law & Business News Q4/2010
  • 1. Current Developments in Disclosure of Financial Information
  • 2. Transformation from an "UG (haftungsbeschränkt)" into a "GmbH"
  • 3. Gun-Jumping - A Major Issue in German Antitrust Law
  • 4. Changes in German Arbitration Rules
  • 5. European Parliament Approves „Made in"- Labels
  • 6. European Court of Justice Extends Postcontractual Claims of Commercial Agents Under German Law
  • 7. Faultiness of Products due to Missing EC Type Examination Certificate and Deficiencies of the Quality Assurance System
  • 8. No German Right to Tax the License Payments of a German Partnership to a Foreign Partner
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    German Law & Business News Q1/2010
  • German Economic Growth Acceleration Act
  • Germany Adopts Stricter Data Protection Law
  • Arbitration as a New Dispute Settlement Alternative for GmbH-Shareholders
  • Court Ruling Requires Forecast in the Annual Management Report Despite Financial Crisis
  • New Delay for the European Private Company
  • Control of Non-European Investments in Germany - One Year On
  • English as an Official Language in German Courts?
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